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When is damage calculated?

When the weapon hits the target?

When the weapon is fired from the player/NPC firing?

or Both?

Both meaning the combat log messages of (hits target for X after final calculation vs resists/def/etc) #basedamagenumberhere ...

When is the crit/proc roll calculated?
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03-15-2013, 07:55 AM
Well its sort of both, the outgoing damage is calculated before firing, then upon impact that is added to the Acc vs Def and resistance mechanics and any critical roll is made after that within a set variance of damage which (presumably) is chosen randomly
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03-15-2013, 08:23 AM
Considering that I get damage from Donatra Torpedo Spread, and after 2 seconds I see the torpedoes impacting my ship, I'd say it is not "on_impact", at least not "on_graphical_impact".
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03-15-2013, 08:47 AM
The "to hit" roll is done when the weapon is fired. As I understand it, the damage/crit/proc roll also occurs then, but it is only applied when the weapon VFX reaches the target, but in many situations (for a variety of reasons) there's a desynch between when the VFX hits the target, and when said damage is applied (most noticably resulting in damage being applied without any VFX showing, ala the "invisible torpedoes of doom" from STFs).
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03-15-2013, 09:34 AM
Important point to make is that the space combat is not a simulation. For example the animation system is only loosely connected to the combat system. This becomes clear when looking at how non-targetable torpedoes behave.

The hit/miss and time to hit is calculated at firing. Borticus confirmed this recently. So a non-targetable torp will chase it's target until the animation end. The combat system will apply the damage when the timer runs out. If you rapidly increase your speed to evade, the combat system will hit you with the damage before the animation hits you.

Targetable torpedoes (or officers) don't follow these rules and the combat/animation systems are tightly linked in this case.

I'm assuming the damage calculation is split into 2 halves, firing and impact, to try and take the different buffs / debuffs into account but I've not nothing to back this up. Also, depending on how the attack has been modelled, the system currently drops off some
modifiers / bonuses by "accident". This is what is happening with the FAW at the moment.

As for the damage as it appears in the chat window, I'll explain how it used to be. It may have changed but I doubt it.

The shield entry show you how much damage was actual done to your shields while the number in parentheses shows you much damage would have been done to your hull if the shield wasn't there. The "would have done" figure takes your damage resistance into account.

The hull entry in parentheses is the base damage of the hit before shields, damage resistance or critical hit modifier. Not sure if it includes the shooters damage buffs or not.

The other value in the hull entry is the actually damage done to your hull. If the target has been debuffed or it's a crit hit, the actual damage is larger than the base damage. Otherwise it's going to be smaller due to the damage resistance of the target.

So assuming a non-crit hit, you can take the hull damage base damage, subtract the shield actual damage, apply your damage resistance and get the actual hull damage figure listed.
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03-15-2013, 07:34 PM
im aware what the numbers in the combat log mean.

The question was geared more towards a situation where:

1- I lose my shields on one facing.
2- Target fires torpedo.
3- A split second after he fires torpedo I bring my shields up to full.
4- Torpedo hits...

if it calcs the moment its fired then the shield being up would throw off the damage.

So all this time ive been thinking it was based on impact point that the calculation was done.

However the borg spike damage I have noticed ALWAYS happens when your shields drop for a mere instant or get under 25% for a split second.... and you push them to full strength seconds before the ungodly 300k damage regular plasma torpedo hits on you.

Ive also noticed my own torpedoes when I fire them at a player that is out of shields but regains them before the torps hit.. the torps always pull much higher numbers than normal. Just now for example I landed a 60k hit with a hyper plasma heavy torpedo 1 on a player with full shields.. but i fired on him when his shields were down. Just weird since that torp usually hits for 20k.

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03-15-2013, 10:36 PM
This will sound weird, but that almost sounds like the game is taking the numbers that are added to your shields and applying them as a damage factor to what you'll receive 'when' you get hit. Which would sound weirder had I not seen some VERY strange things when I used to mod Morrowind. I know it sounds unrelated, but code, scripts, and toolkits can do some REALLY strange things from time to time.

I've actually noticed that too. Frequently in the STF, a second or two before I eat the torp spread, something will rip up my shields. I'll pop a CD to get them back up now because I KNOW the doom torps are coming... and I will die regardless. When I scroll through the damage log, I see multiple 30k hits with a crazy outlier, usually ~180k+. On the other side, when I 'just' eat a torp spread out of the blue but had EPTS popped, I usually get knocked down to 24% hull and am able to beat it out of there to recover.

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