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A new ship class for both KDF and Federation is needed.

A universal class of ships. Available to both.

Civilian/Support vessels.

We have one already. The Tuffli freighter. Expand on the concept.


Courier. The ship model exists already. Use it.

The Courier would be the 'doffing' ship. It will have high sector travel speeds as well as a unique ship interior NPC's that enable 'long distance' doffing.


-High speed in sector space
-Doff Mission NPCs: Inside the ship, a player can talk to a set of NPCs. Each NPC represents a sector of space. Talking to one of these NPCs permits the player to access doff missions from that sector.
-Access to doff missions not available in the current doff mission cycle update when the ship is IN the sector.
-Access to unique doff missions when ship is near or inside a solar system (for example, if the ship is near vulcan it will always get a mission to recruit vulcan duty officers. These recruit missions require a doff be assigned to recruiting efforts and can crit to gain purples.
-Working along the previously mentioned ability above, the ship can also recruit opposing faction doffs with special very high risk missions when orbiting enemy planets.

Tuffli Freighter

An excellent vessel. With the addition of more civilian ships the Tuffli could use a slight modification.

Basically all it needs is to allow it to become a trading vessel. Players can fly next to the ship and get a 'store' option. The Tuffli would then have a special cargo bay inventory that is essentially a mini-exchange for the ship's cargo bay contents. Tuffli player can set the prices and players that access its mini-store can buy from it.

Mining Vessel

The Andorian Mining Consortium runs from no one!

This vessel has special abilities for mining raw materials. Essentially, its unique ability is that when it enters a star system the game will generate random sensor-scan objects that when this ship 'scans' and does the mini-game it will then receive crafting materials at a higher rate than normal military-faction ships.

Crits on minigames may yield a very small amount of unreplicateable materials.

Minor changes to in-game items:

Cutting Beam: Please allow it to use subsystem attacks at the very least.
Transphasic Torpedoes: Change High Yield into a heavy transphasic torpedo type.
Carrier Pets: Please return the old 'when recalled pets will engage full impulse to return to carrier's side' to fix the 'pets wont obey orders when beyond 10km range' bug.
Temporal Disruption Device : Increase its speed to by just a bit slower than the harghpeng. Currently this torpedo is so awefully slow that by the time it flies 4km the target is dead.
ALL LOBI ITEMS: Make them come in bound-to-account boxes. Dont want to make lobi account wide? FINE. Make the items at least be able to be transferred between characters and bound to character when the box is opened. Make this fix retroactive..any lobi item currently in player inventory gets 'boxed' up.
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03-15-2013, 06:58 AM
Those are very good ideas (dammit, I need a "thumbs up" emote), however I firmly believe those would suit a "neutral" faction far better than any of the major sides.

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