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Obsidian Phoenix is recruiting active players. We're a fleet based around having fun and enjoying the game.

Starbase-wise we're on the verge of Tier 2 (probably be there at the end of next week), and we haven't done much with the Embassy.

Advancing within the fleet is very simple as we're primarily a social Fleet. You'll join as a Recruit (rank 1) and stay there for up to a day or two. Basically long enough to see if when you join the fleet you can chat and join us.

Advancement to rank 2 is easy, all you have to do is join our communal chat room (as we have a private chat so we can talk with our klingon sister fleet people) and talk.

Rank 3, more chatter. Basically, the more you chat with your fleet mates, the higher up you will move in the fleet up to this point.

Rank 4 comes with donating 100,000 worth of fleet credits to the fleet. This is also the rank where you are capable of buying fleet-based items. Note: if you're not rank 3 within the fleet by the time you donate 100k, you will not be advanced to rank 4).

Rank 5 comes with donating 500,000 worth of fleet credits to the fleet & signing up on our forums (available at our website: )

Rank 6 is my Admirals within the fleet. These are the people who are in Obsidian Phoenix that have helped it form, have helped it rise and survive to this point. I've promoted two people to the Admiral position since it's founded and will promote people only to the level of this if they are truly helping with the fleet in ways that get noticed.

Rank 7 is me and my #1, Sharpe. The two of us run Obsidian Phoenix and House of Obsidian Phoenix (our Klingon fleet). I'm US based (GMT -6) and he is over in the UK (GMT -0). Between the two of us we're on quite often and try to do and help out as much as possible.

So, how do you join? It's easy. You join by asking any member of Obsidian Phoenix. OP's philosophy is simple, anyone can invite anyone beyond recruit status. In general very few people get kicked, and chances are if you're online and seeing people get kicked it's because they've never made it past the recruit stage and have not been online in 45+ days.

What's our target crowd? Anyone. Whether you're newer to the game, or just making you way back after being gone a while, we're happy to have you!

One of our newer things that we've gotten is a Teamspeak server. If you like to voice chat while playing, you're certainly most able to do so while hanging out with us.

I look forward to seeing everyone in game!

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