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03-17-2013, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by dashuk2381 View Post
Color me confused, you don't want to grind but then compare and suggest end game be more like WoW progression which is basically is just a huge repeating grind with different tiers.
ok, you're right. i may have misspoken or have been misunderstood. I'm not anti-grind. I'm anti-pointless grind.

Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
This. PvP forces you to learn and understand at least the basic mechanics of how stuff actually works. It's also where offensive science skills come into play a little more. If he's really looking for a challenge and for harder content, PvP is where he ought to look. There isn't much there, but it's more challenging than shooting the mindless NPCs.
ok, yeah...i might have to check out pvp. it's just not something i've ever taken an interest in here.

Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
Roll a Klingon. Or Gorn, Orion, Nausicaan, or whatever your space pirate of choice is.

If you'd rather not be that awesome, roll a new Fed character in a different career and learn a whole new style of play.
i do have a kdf character (i'm planning on flight deck cruisers), but tbh, i'd rather focus on maximizing one character, rather than spreading my attention around a few.
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03-18-2013, 10:46 AM
i would say no win is a area in which you can look at trying since it is the hardest space mission in STO with what i believe to be a 95-97% failure rate also the foundry has wonderful stories you can try out i sometimes find myself immersed in one if i really like it. also PVP will help you fine tune your ship for maximum output. i personally do all of it. also if your in a fleet why not help out the Junior members or the new guys to the game help understand it better we vets need to help the new guys get their legs about them apart from that all i can really say is wait till Thursday for when the countdown timer ends and we see the big thing the devs have cooked up for us.
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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
ST Excalibur, it's made by the same peeps who made Bridge commander
Um, no, it's made by Modders who were fans of the original Bridge Commander (and that's not a bad thing); but work seems to have slowed to a crawl or completely stalled for the most part.
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Not sure why, but I actually like the ground missions. I just wish they were more like a real Star Trek episode or movie and they were not all so much like "go in guns a blazing and kill, kill, kill."

Its sad that even the ground missions like system patrols, don't have more then Kill 5 groups of enemies and check a few computers to see what the researchers at that base were doing. Or the variation of scan a few alien artifacts and send the report to Star Fleet...surely they could come up with more variations then that, that do not require the player to go in guns a blazing...oh and I forgot the ones where there is a dispute on the planet and you need to talk to a couple of NPC's to settle it, with no way to fail it becomes nothing more then a grind for exp. So once you hit 50 no sense in doing patrols anymore.

Also in a Romulan sector the Romulan lady you contact says that most of the systems have patrols and I can't find one that does...can't see why she says they do then...
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03-18-2013, 06:58 PM
It'd be nice if there was an Engineering mini-game, and that it would look something like the System Shock or Bioshock hacking games. Trip the wrong switch, and something bad happens.

So let's say you're playing a ground STF where you're sneaking around the inside of a Borg cube, but must constantly re-wire their scanners or whatever to evade detection. In a regular STF, the grid would be smaller and have fewer dead ends, but an elite STF would have a much larger grid and have several dead ends. Trip an alarm, and you not only fail the bonus objective, but also get swarmed by drones for the rest of the instance.
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In my opinion, there are three phases to this game. Phase one, leveling up. Phase 2, hitting lvl 50 and shifting focus to ship building. Once that's done, at least for me , the focus has moved to the social aspects of the game; Fleets, RP and whatnot.

And I don't understand the disdain people have for PvP. If you want a challenge, that's the thing to do. PvE is predictable. You know what ships to what, and in what order. A cube is always going to spit a plasma torp, followed by a tractor beam. A galor will always use evasive maneuvers and feedback pulse. What PvP brings is unpredictability; people are infinitely devious, and you never know with what you're going to be hit. And as a bonus, becoming a decent PvPer will make you a godlike PvEer.

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St Excalibur is basically modders who have rebuild the bridge commander engine from the ground up to be able to handle HD graphics, they also add a slew more ships and overall better "trek-ness".

In short: ST excalibur shapes up to be what STO failed to become, in terms of combat.

If ANY of you played bridge commander, remember the nano FX mod. yeah thats right you coudl consider Excalibur that on awesomnium crack.
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I hit the wall on my main a few weeks ago (I just couldn't take hacking one more drone on Defera), so I've been playing my two main alts, especially my Klingon engineer. It's a nice change of pace until Not Season 8 comes out and I switch back to my Fed main.

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I hit the "so... what now" phase a little over a year ago. Ended up quitting rather than do eSTFs or pvp over and over.

On returning the game felt new and interesting all over again. Slightly disappointed there isn't a new end game phase for after eSTFs though. And that despite a bunch of new stuff, Mako/Omega/KHG/Borg are still amongst the best equipment.

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