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03-16-2013, 11:36 PM
easiest good ship to get is the mirror patrol escort.
dunno what counts as best, but as said, the fleet refit patrol escort is popular
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03-16-2013, 11:56 PM
the best ship is the ship you have most fun playing in and one which enhances your personal playing style. buy a bunch of cheap ships from the exchange and try them out. once you know go for a fleet version or better variation. even the mirror variations can be great. i would never give up my mirror qin heavy raptor.
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03-17-2013, 12:10 AM
It also helps to know what your resources are like.
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03-17-2013, 12:33 AM
OP, I hate to come across like this, but you need to figure out the game some more if you're asking an elementary, generic question like that. You need to figure out the basics of the game more. A personal style of play. Proper ship setup. BOFF / DOFF setup. All to get the most of your ship. And after all this, you still need to learn how it all plays once the phaser banks and torpedo tubes start firing.

There's lots of different ways to play, even within the Escort grouping of ships.

Figure the game some more, and you will never ask that question again, because you will know the right answer for yourself.

Here's a link for Fed / Mix faction ships.

Again, figure the game out some more. Because if you're new enough to ask that kind of question, I guarantee that with more time down the road, your taste as to what the best ship is may change because you've learned more and your style will change.

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03-17-2013, 02:47 AM
The best fed ships aren't fed ships at all mostly.

The best escort is the JHAS. Fleet Defiant and fleet MVAM can compete.

The best healer is the Recluse. Sci Oddy is good though, fleet galaxy and ambassador aren't bad

The best dps cruiser is the galor. Fleet excelsior and fleet sovereign are next best.

The best science ship is the temporal ships. Although the vesta is very close and the temporal ship is Starfleet just 29th century.

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03-17-2013, 03:31 AM
Best fed ship for damage output and survivability is the Fleet Patrol Escort. Has the most ideal Boff layout for full cannons, and has crazy durability and survivability. Also has a very low shipyard requirement.
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03-17-2013, 08:44 AM
Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
An escort with good shields narrows it down. The Kumari is definitely out.

Are you in a fleet?
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03-17-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by nelson2014 View Post
What is the best fed ship?

/end thread
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03-17-2013, 10:20 AM
Sorry, not the end of this thread yet.

Best visually appealing ship: Personally, the Dominion Dreadnought or JHAS.

Best ship overall: JHAS/Regent or Excelsior/Vesta.

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03-17-2013, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by nelson2014 View Post
What is the best fed ship?
If there were a best Fed ship, there wouldn't be anything else anyone would flying. All three of the major types have several fundamental differences in style and utility, and while a good captain can make most of them work in a variety of roles, they are also typically what is best for that particular player, not as a whole.

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