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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
It's only 7 pages long for me.

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You must have some sort of secret advantage i know nothing of.


Yes, which is why a hull strength boost is probably the most logical, it would upset the system the least while addressing it the most directly.
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Originally Posted by dwhornet View Post
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You must have some sort of secret advantage i know nothing of.


Yes, which is why a hull strength boost is probably the most logical, it would upset the system the least while addressing it the most directly.
Your browser must come with noob-tronium armour too.
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Originally Posted by dwhornet View Post
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You must have some sort of secret advantage i know nothing of.
There's a way to access the user settings for the forum, allowing you to set Posts per Page. But it's only accessible via black magic (don't remember where, or how to find the link to it, because it's not under the User CP).
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Originally Posted by aexrael View Post
There's a way to access the user settings for the forum, allowing you to set Posts per Page. But it's only accessible via black magic.
Through my mastery of Googlefu, I have discovered that the proper link for this flavor of forum software is:

The setting you want is in the third block, as "Number of posts to show per page".

You're welcome.
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I'd like to offer another suggestion:

Give cruisers a bonus to their base hitpoints, for armor equipped. This has the same practical effect as making the armor more effective because it increases the amount of damage the ship can sustain. You could start at a bonus of 3000 hitpoints per plate of armor, and then increase that up to 6000 hitpoints per plate of armor based on the Armor Reinforcements skill. This is a top tier, very expensive skill so having it pay out big rewards for a specific play style seems fine. A cruiser with 4 plates of armor and maxed out Armor Reinforcements would gain a bonus of 24000 base hitpoints, which is around a 55% increase for a fleet-level cruiser.

This lets cruisers become harder without negatively affecting other ships. It also maintains the existing system that forces cost:benefit decisions between carrying more armor or more of something else, and, increases the relative value of a skill that's currently not worth much.
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04-10-2013, 09:25 PM
Considering how the current expansion in May is going to look like I would prefer to go with option one because it will lead to less work and less crushed hopes and ideals.
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haha. wow.

I never had a problem with cruisers survivability. The problem is always to KILL THE GUY ATTACKING YOU!

Assuming competent builds on both sides, cruisers always have the short end of the stick.
Sci ships get a multitude of disabling and interference powers, escorts just blast away. Both of them can tank cruiser damage easily.

Yes, both of them will also have a hard time killing the competent cruiser but the core problem is:

I kinda want the interference sci and the dps escort in my group. I do not need a cruiser.

I do not want a healer, i want higher damage or in the case of cruisers: sufficient pressure damage.

And no, plasma weapons/consoles are not the solution. Because unless you have similar consoles for all weapon types this whole arrangement stinks mightily.

And of course: engineering boff powers flat out suck and are boring.

Engie team is unusable because it removes the ability to use tactical team - an ability which you have made absolutely vital for any ship. Tac team is vital because you have failed to adjust the shield rebalancing that is in the game to the new massive dps creep that took place.

And even if engie team were off global cooldown with tac team, it still would suck since it heals what amounts to one cannon volley of damage. whoopsie doo.

Power to X powers are boring, their secondary effect is either to short or to boring.

Aceton beam does nothing right:
It does not murder crew (and even if it did: does not matter whatsoever), it does not diminish power levels and it is cleansed easily since EVERYONE runs HE. It should inflict a dot and increasing power drain - the dot does damage based on power levels on the target ship, as it drains power the dot goes down. (so it basically softens up targets while weakening them). The powerdrain should linger a bit. perhaps even make it so that if the target gets hit with another aceton while the effect of the first still lingers, the effect gets increased magnitude.

Ejcet Warp plasma dearly needs to get bumped down to ensign level as starting point.

Extend shields: yes how about extending this to 15 km to compensate for the fact that this is a worse TSS that is breakable.

Boarding party: lol yes. So i can send in guys that will attack boffs and try to interfere with system operations but are to dumb to place some bloody bombs?!
Remember that khazon guys who took a hit for the team and blew out voyagers main power? yes. Make boarding party randomly obliterate a power system for a period of time..... synergy with vm is intended....

As for armor consoles:

I use aux to sif and polarize hull as standard on just about every ship i use.

My resists are already high. I do not need more resists. i want more base hp, more useful powers, i want to be able to actually damage the crack escort in his bloody jhas.

If this is just shifting neutroniums to another slot i can only say: meh.
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How about creating armor slots for the already existing 'armor' consoles (Neutronium, etc) while retaining the non-armor consoles for the engineering slot? Cruisers can have more armor and engineering slots both-allowign them to keep the high armor they already have by lettign them slot their neutroniums into armor slots (of which they will have more than what the escorts and sci have) while having extra engineering slots for stuff liek the subsystem boosting consoles (and giving people a reason to take them)
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I would like to see the armor increase with more options however, if they go in a special slot you'll have to increase the defense of the Science ships to compensate because many put these consoles on our ships because they are simply too weak as it is and there's no other way of stacking resistances (there really wouldn't be for science ships if this is as he proposes!) cruisers definitely would need the slots.

When I suggested it in the forums I suggested that they add 2 slots for cruisers 1 slot for science and 0 slots for escorts for the special armor only consoles.
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I've thought about this recently myself. One of the ideas that I've come back to consistently requires a mild overhaul, but I think it would benefit the game, and help to define the role of each ship. That being said... its not perfect.

1. First, add a spot in for "Armor" item types, to all ships. For the example here, let's just say that cruisers get 3 spots, science 2, escorts 1 (some variants may, or may not, offer varying numbers, like say, a Heavy Cruiser type could get a 4th spot, and a light cruiser only 2, with appropriate adjustments elsewhere)

2. Change all existing armor (engineer consoles) to Armor consoles, and restrict them TO armor consoles. This allows the ships that should be the most tanky (cruisers) to equip the most armor, and the lightest armored ships to equip the least.

This opens up the engineering slots on every ship type to other consoles, like engine power, aux power, etc, consoles, or, for that matter, to the univeersals. You could end up with a heavily armored cruiser running extra power to X subsystem, or ultra-fast, lightly armored escorts running more power to their engines or aux.

The armor could work the same way it does now (perhaps with one slot being the "primary", that is, one that applies a visual appearance to the ship?), and from there, the other engineering consoles can be adjusted as necessary.

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