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The 1701 Elite guard is now recruiting for new members to join our ranks, we are a fleet made of STO veterans who are experienced in all facets of the game. We are looking for a few good players to come join our ranks to enjoy a fun social environment for all casual mmo players. Here at the 1701 we listen and help all players with their STO related issues and/or confusion of the game play. We also welcome STO veterans to who can help us out with our fleet recruits and fleet holdings.

I have two rules I enforce they are nothing harsh in the least bit.

Rule 1: No disrespect/racism towards any fellow fleet members.

Rule 2: Remember to have fun this is a game for fun social interaction amongst the multivariate of STO players to enjoy.

If you are interested in joining please send me a message in game at Christopher M. Schorr@schorrkurisu14, or you can leave me a message here on the post. i hope to hear from all future members of the 1701 Elite Guard. Thank You for taking your time to read this.

Admiral Christopher M. Schorr
1701 Elite Guard Fleet Admiral

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