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Whcih do you think is a better ship and why? I am leaning towards the FAE for the handling and the five tac consoles, but the Chel Gret has a more flexible seating arrangement, the special shutdown console, and room for an extra turret hard-point. Chel Gret is clearly more flexible but FAE is more specialized and therefore better at its specific role.
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12-19-2013, 07:13 PM
the shutdown console is slow target-able and will hit you if the enemy is too close when it hits, its also not very powerful, polaron proc is more powerful imo, and for it to work well kinda needs other drain abilities to boost it.
that said, the chel with breen set & syphon makes for one of the nastiest kinetic/drain boats i can remember.

if you just want raw dps the fae has the edge. even in s6 these where capable of soloing conduit with the optional.
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12-19-2013, 07:33 PM
I think you summed it up yourself. If you want more flexibility and survival, the Chel Grett is the better option. If you want lean and destructive effeciency, the Advanced Escort is the way to go.

I'm not personally a fan of having more than two turrets due to their likelihood of desyncing, so I'd throw in some tachyon or tractor mines on the Chel Grett instead of an extra turret. The Chel Grett console, by itself, really isn't worth using in my opinion(too easy for it to get intercepted/backfire and has a long cooldown).
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12-19-2013, 10:11 PM
When compared to the FAE The chel grett has:
  • 1900 more base hill.
  • 1% more shield capacity.
  • 1 more rear weapon slot.
  • +5 engine power.
  • 1 more engineering console.
  • a universal ensign.
  • 1 more device slot.
  • 500 more crew

The Fleet advanced escort has:
  • +3 turn rate.
  • 1 more tactical console.
  • +5 weapon power.

So it rather looks like the chel grett has the advantage, but its not so great as it may seem.

The difference in hit points between the two ships will be slightly increased by skill multipliers, but the numbers will still be too small to take a full additional weapon volley of damage.

The greater crew on the chel grett is renderd pointless by the corrent state of crew mechanics in sto.

+5 engine power is slightly less useful then +5 weapons power. If you want to go faster you can always divert some more power to engines, but when overcapping weapons power every + is actually beneficial.

An extra rear weapon slot with -5 weapons power and -1 tactical console is generaly not a dps improvement.

An extra device slot is probably not something your going to miss.

So when we get right down to it, the most meaningful differences between the two ships are the universal ensign and the turn rate.

A better turn rate means getting your DPS on target sooner, and that means a small DPS boost to extreme high end performance players. But for many play styles and builds it is irrelevant.

A third tactical ensign is only of use when mixing cannons with a launcher or beam bank. The universal ensign is the superior bridge officer choice for an all cannon+turret ship.

However. Scatter Volley + Torpedo Spread + Attack pattern Beta + Gravity well + Sensor scan is an ability combination that works very well in PVE, and it is a combination that benefits from the third tactical ensign.

So I would chose the fleet advanced escort if I was going for a full on AOE PVE build. If I needed more survivability I would use the chell grett. Personaly I have had no problem keeping the FAE alive with a science captain so I would not benefit from the Chell Grett choice.

However every one plays differently, and every build benefits more or less from different features, so while I would chose the FAE, I do feel that the CG is in every way a legitimate alternative.

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12-20-2013, 12:17 AM
i changed from the fleet adv escort to chel gret last winter...never looked back.
the advantage it has over the fleet adv escort is more flexibility, while not sacrificing a lot of firepower.

however if you have access to 3 embassy romulan superior operatives, the tac ensign becomes interesting.
further with the 5th tac console and the spire consoles in mind, the chel gret will fall behind a lot.

i wish it would have gotten cruiser commands too, but obviously this ship didn't need any buffs.
If it had cruiser commands, we wouldn't be having this thread i guess.
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12-20-2013, 01:13 AM
pwstolemyname and baudl pretty much nailed it with the best technical advice between the 2 ships. If you are looking for a more fun reason then the c-store mvam console with your photon fleets and the scorpion fighters from the vault mission makes for entertaining spam if your doing missions on your own.
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12-20-2013, 02:07 AM
FAE all the way.

Everything is OP, plz nerf
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