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I currently have the Andorian Charal Escort and am wondering what set items I should work towards getting for my ship. Just got the Universal Assimilated Module as I just started getting into T2 rep omega. I was leaning towards two piece Borg set (Deflector Engines) and MACO shields but was wondering what you all think. Mostly do PVE play elite STF's.
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03-17-2013, 07:20 PM
Probably either the two-piece Borg plus the MACO shield (like you've said) for survivability, or alternately MACO shield with two Omega pieces for the better speed, turning, and Tetryon Glider. A little extra defense or a little extra offense, basically.

Also if you have the Assimilated Module, add on the Kinetic Cutting Beam (if you weren't going to do so already). Extra punch once the shields are down, and the 2-piece proc will help with all the drain of those 5 fore big guns.

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