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Been playing the Chimera Heavy Destroyer as my main for a while now (Love it by the way) but there is one thing that bugs me, unlike the odyssey class which was also an entry (and winner) of the next Enterprise contest and has not one but two unique bridges while the Chimera has none and it's more expensive to get either by subbing for vet reward or buy a LTS. I feel the nature of the Chimera means it should have a bridge that reflects it's transformation options (ex: have a large ship display that shows both modes) and its status as a cross between a escort and a cruiser. Now they said that making bridges costs money but one (Just one) for the Chimera would be cost neutral as it is a ship you get only if you'll already invested money into the game and I feel would only add value to the ship as it would give player another reason to go gold/LTS.

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