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OK I'm more of a Trekkie than a hardcore PC gamer, that said I'm also into computers but more Mac than PC. I have a dual Xeon (Irwindale skt 604) 3.0ghz and played open beta last night on Windows 7 Ultimate, I got pretty good results whilst in space fighting the Borg before Vega. My problem I think is I have an over clocked NVIDIA 8600GTS (15% over clock).

When I did the away mission at Vega the game play was horrible which I put down to my system. I would have thought my system (with the exception of gfx) would be up to it as the dual 3.0ghz Xeons can't be far away from the minimum 1.8ghz Core Duo. I had it set at 1600x900 (half res is a joke and makes it look like Doom running on a P1) with some of the graphics turned down. I've read a post today which suggest installing an earlier NVIDIA driver and also turning off shadows, which I'll do to see if it make the diff. My problem with my lowly gfx card is that it's a Supermicro server board which only has PCI-E x4 so I had to Dremel the gfx edge connector to get it to fit and it works fine in EVE, in fact it works fantastic. I did not want to do this to a better card (9800GT) as it just did not seem right to *******ize a good card, plus I was not sure if a 9800GT would run any better due to the bottleneck PCI-E x4 causes.

I don't really have the cash for a new system just yet as I just bought a 17" MacBook Pro. Is my board and CPU's up to the task?, if so would it be an idea to Dremel (I know..... I know) a 9800GT and fit that?. All I want a PC for is to play STO nothing else, so I could do without spending 600 or 700 bucks on a Phenom Black Ed or Core2 Quad system and HD 4870 if I can avoid it.

Any opinions or advice welcome.

Before I get flamed (dons flak jacket) about the Dremel thing let me just point out the system was free hence the reason I spent 50 bucks on the card as I figured I had nothing to loose.


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