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Title: ?Grapok in the Generals Lung?

Faction: Klingon

Level: Any

Description: A pathetic Gorn scientist-chef and wild-eyed old warrior make a routine trip to the frontlines a dangerous task for you and your crew.
Speak to Artok in the Klingon Academy bunker to begin.

Author?s Note: Bring your blade and fight like a real Klingon.
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04-14-2013, 03:37 PM
Mission reviewed by CatStarSTO (thanks to Cat!) :


Grapok in the General's Lung

By: @malize

An interesting dilemma we have here, leading to a few good battles and some entertaining dialoge. Who says Orions dont bite?! The Gorn was a great NPC, I liked what you did with him. The ending was funny, and the boss battle was a surprise, as I use maily a sword for Cat, I didnt expect that side effect!! :O The map transfer text and buttons need some work, but the story isnt too bad, I enjoyed it.




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Foundry Missions:
Scepter of Minos * Grapok in the Generals Lung * The Sky Above, The Clouds Below * Legend of the Inspector General (16+) * Miridoor (41+) * Survival Must Be Earned (a Klingon Romeo and Juliet story)

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