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# 1 Looking for a fleet
05-06-2014, 06:22 PM
I am looking for a new Fed, Fed-Rom fleet to move to, the fleet that I left is small and is like a family to me. So I am used to playing along with other fleet mates.
I am looking for a fleet that is similar but has more members that are from Canada / U.S.A.

So here is the run down on what I am looking for;
small but not too small,
has enough chances to gain fleet credits,
has a decent store,
members will interact with each other (stf's, pve, pvp, etc.) and chat.

Also I do not use Team Speak or own a microphone.

The main thing that sucked though was since most of my fleet mates had a 12 hour difference between them and myself, I was the only one on during my time.

My current toons are;
Woopa (Fed, Sci)
Rob (Fed, Engi)
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# 2
05-06-2014, 07:12 PM
Could try the infinite nexus. T5 fleet...great people...really laid back.

Post @samplenow, @acceleron. @starburnz or @tamujiin

Chive on and prosper, eh?

My PvE/PvP hybrid skill tree
Lt. Commander
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# 3
05-06-2014, 11:39 PM
allow me to extend you an invitation to alpha battle squadron.
most of us are in the states, with a few folks in the UK.
there are no hoops to jump through, no forms to fill out, no websites to sort through to join.
we are as casual as casual can get, no drama, no politics, just about having fun

our main SB is T3 across the board, T2 embassy, T2 going T3 mine and T1.5 spire.
plenty of opportunity to earn FC

just send me an in game mail and I send you the fleet invite.
its that simple

fleet admiral Siodgirngei@papertoasty
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# 4
05-07-2014, 05:31 AM
Come check us out we have a little of everything.


To join us or ask us question Contact in game @lightspeeds @suzy33
@sportz19721010 @avaeris @stingray74

For the very best online gaming experience on star trek online. Join Task Force Spectre

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# 5
05-07-2014, 08:52 AM
Could I pop in and out to check up on the fleets while I am deciding?

Task Force Spectre looks like it maybe a pain to get FC's since it looks really large. I do like how they aim for having fun by creating events. What do I need to do to get in?

Alpha battle squadron looks good, I might go there but I will look at all my options first.

As for Infinite nexus I would like more information.

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# 6
05-07-2014, 04:28 PM
I've tried to message the people listed from the above posts but the only one on was @stingray74 so it looks like I'm moving out to the Academy fleet of Task Force Spectre.
Will move out if I find it to large, you know coming from a small near dead fleet.

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