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03-22-2013, 04:21 AM
I hope something can be done because it's insane at this point. I got back into my vesta and the only reason I did was because I could tractor beam enemies to death. I literally built my system around graviton and flow capacitor of 183 to make it more effective. Seems to be working well with tractor mines, runabouts, regular and borg tractor beams, and repulsors combined with mk XII chron torps which I still feel should have shield bleed, no one can convince me anyone other then the time ships have temporal based shielding, sorry I'm sure that weakens the shielding vs other forms of attacks so I'm very sure entire fleets aren't flying around with that protection. Same goes for beam attacks, Every ship shouldn't have the ability to instantly and accurately simply turn a light switch and their subsystem get turned back on again in 4 seconds not how that works.

So until they fix the problems with science we'll continue to see major issues.

I also just love how people make the false notion that science attacks in science ships are somehow using magic, they are using scientific theory, nothing like the tactical magic I win buttons that combine both attack patterns and evasive maneuvers in the same Iwin button or get to buff damage magically by hitting a button on a console. So which is magic? I'd definitely say tactical is using magical fairy buffs.
MMO's of 2014 where normal gameplay is considered an exploit and the eastern billing model is celebrated by apologists. smh
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03-23-2013, 03:18 AM
i hope something like a warp core comes out with s8, itll be cool to see things balanced, to see cruisers and engineers pvping too, but now with human boffs it seems you do a better job that any other on tacs ...
it's not the ship or the build, it's the atitude

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