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# 1 Refit consoles?
03-20-2013, 10:26 AM
Just an idea I had rolling around in my head.

What if we could get special consoles that changed the way a ship operated?

Take the Nebula for example. When it can out, there were a lot of folks who thought it should have been a cruiser, or that it should have come in different flavours (like the Odyssey and Kumari did later).

Now suppose there were a 'Nebula Tactical Refit' console which worked something like this:

Tactical pod for the Nebula class starship, incorporating 1 forward Photon Torpedo launcher, 1 photon mine launcher, 1 photon detonation assembly, and a 'hot loading' system allowing the use of 'Torpedo High Yield III'
(or Spread III, either works really).

In effect, this would allow a Nebula to operate in tactical cruiser territory; with 4 weapons, 3 tac consoles, and a Lt. Comm. tac Boff power. It would just mean you had to work within some pretty strict build restrictions.

Ideally, this console would count as a science console; to reflect that the ship would be giving up some of its science capability for the tactical pod. It would also be incompatible with the detection grid console the Nebula comes with.

Something like this could easily work for other ships too. For example, the Galaxy-R could get a console that gave it a stronger tac or sci focus at the cost of one of its engineering slots.

Does this seem like a practical notion to anyone? And do you think it would be worth anything to Cryptic/PWE?
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# 2
03-20-2013, 10:52 AM
i like this idea might use my nebula then, at the moment i think its the worst ship ive payed for its console is next to worth less now the rom boff are out it should let u see all clocked ships but it does not. i cant even remember the last time i sore one in game.
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# 3
03-20-2013, 12:01 PM
When the nebbie came out, there was also a lot of talk about why it didn't come with 3 consoles,
one for tac, eng, and sci each...

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