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# 1 Release Notes: March 21, 2013
03-20-2013, 04:21 PM

  • Added an additional variant for Fleet Elite weapons to fleet stores.
    • This variant has [Acc]x2[Dmg] and the special Elite proc appropriate to the weapon type.
  • Added more Advanced Fleet weapons to the fleet store.
    • These Advanced Fleet weapons have [Dmg]x2 and [Acc]x2.
    • All Directed Energy types are available.
    • In addition, Advanced Fleet Andorian Phasers are available.
      • These have identical stats to normal Advanced Fleet Phasers, but use the Andorian Phaser visual effects.
      • These weapons can only be purchased by players who own an Andorian Escort.
  • Existing Andorian Phaser weapons from the Dilithium Store have been renamed to "Prototype Andorian Phasers".
    • These prototype weapons now have the appropriate stats for Mk XI items.
    • This is a slight decrease from their current statistics.
    • This is retroactive for existing equipment.
    • These weapons can be traded in at the Ferengi Collector for the same amount of Refined Dilithium that the weapon initially cost to purchase.
  • Updated Andorian Phasers with appropriate stats for Mark XI are available on the Dilithium store.

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