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I would like to know what the systems requirements are going to be for the final version of the game?

My main reason for asking is I have 2 computers both have 512Mb Graphics cards on them the closest match i have is a dell laptop with a Nvidia NVS 120M and I meet or exceed the other requirements.

My Desktop has a NVidia 9600GT again wtih 512Mb card 2 gigs of ram and a Pentium D Processor.

If the final client requirements are the same as the beta I will have to upgrade my desktop to play as I can't upgrade the Graphics card in my laptop.

Also you will be shutting off a vast market that would love to play this game but can not afford to run out and buy a new computer to meet the beefy system requirements currently stated in the beta.

I also play eve online and the requriments to play that online game is quite a bit less than Startrekonline is.

they have an average of 51,000 players online everyday and I'm sure cryptic would love to have a nice share of that business. However keeping the system requirements high will keep people from playing this nice game.

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