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03-21-2013, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by spearhawk2013 View Post
If I hear one moer person saying that "oh the KDF getting content" and then refering to tutorial and to 1-20 level, I am going to tear my eyeballs out.

I am refering to more than the n 5 days it takes to get to level 50. I am refering to an identity other than "lets share the fed stf". I am refering to things happening outside the fed storylines.

cause the moire fed content klingons get to have, then more it will be like KDF is nothing more than a CC of federation without all the gandure and costumes and added trills etc whatsever the feds have.

take for example amount of races klingon have vs fed, ship? lets not just carboncopy ships already in existence and just make them larger. lets have some development in the shipyards of the KDF.

or did the ship developers go to sleep and never woke up?

More Klingon identity and more storylines and more special ships for KDF. thats whats required. until thats shown nothing else matters. not level 1-20 cause its passed in less than a day. not tutorital, thats for new players, not clusters in neverending streams.

more conent for level 50.
You're pretty short-sited and frankly a little dim.

The Devs can't spend money, time and effort on the KDF because it has such a tiny player-base and doesn't make any money when you compare it to the feds.

Flesh out missions 1-20, allow players to start with KDF from the start, get more players playing the faction - then it becomes worthwhile and profitable to make new content/ships/stories for them. How ******* hard is that to understand?

Man, these threads really grind my gears.
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03-21-2013, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by topset View Post
The Devs can't spend money, time and effort on the KDF because it has such a tiny player-base and doesn't make any money when you compare it to the feds.

Flesh out missions 1-20, allow players to start with KDF from the start, get more players playing the faction - then it becomes worthwhile and profitable to make new content/ships/stories for them.
Spot on and I hope this will be true. It would be great to see an increase in KDF numbers so they can warrant further development.
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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Anyone calling Valoreah a "Cryptic fanboy" must be new to the forum.
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03-21-2013, 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by cryptkeeper0 View Post
My question remains what endgame content klingons cannot run that feds can ? Fleet actions(dps kill feasts) ? From what I've played of the Klingon side they have just about as much pve stuff at end game.... Though considering I do mostly stfs and the season 7 romulan content fleet alert stuff... I don't understand whats wrong here ?
2 fleet actions, that raise a lot of my ire due to the blatant disregard for parity. They copied the KDF version of the minefield event to replace a perfectly functioning Federation event, but couldn't be bothered to do the same in reverse for the KDF. Small, yes, but indicative of the problem that has manifest the entire time. "Fed's need this, its wicked cool, KDF, Meh, who cares."

And a ton of story episodes that just need a few text tweaks and they become perfectly viable KDF missions. Of course it makes no sense that we would have the Fed's Klingon arc, but with all the ways the Feds and KDF are buddy-buddy throughout the rest of the game there is no good reason why they couldn't just release the rest of those episodes on both sides, and in the interest of mutual co-operation the Feds work with some KDF personal. It is very Starfleet, and we have instances of it all throughout the game. You get to see one every time you dock at DS9 as a KDF.

Bottom line is nobody cares enough to hit copy/paste. That's sad and unnecessary.
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Klingon players in sto are not honorable warriors. They are whiny cry babies!

Klingon "Mom the Human and Romulan got more cake then I did!"

Klingon's Mother "but my Klingon son the cake is still in the oven."
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Originally Posted by valoreah View Post
Maybe I'm missing it, but where is it said that they get no new content at all? For all you know, there is a crap ton of KDF specific content being add to help them from level 1 to 25. It's way too early to cry DOOM! over stuff you haven't even play tested yet. Wait for it to hit Tribble and try it out. If there is no new KDF missions added, then by all means complain.
While I agree that the OP's statement is jumping the gun and has no basis in fact... I also have to say that to suggest that there will be a "crap ton of KDF specific content being add" has to be one of the most humorously blind and hopeful things I have read in awhile...

History is quite clear on this issue: The KDF MAY if it is extremely LUCKY get a TINY bit of specific content (likely related to their academy) and that would be about it.

However, the Romulans will not fair much better. They will get some spit and polish at the moment and then they will sell a few C-Store ships for them and do some lock boxes for the Remans and maybe the Tal'Shiar and then later the Iconians and then they will probably gather dust like the KDF does.
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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Each one of those klingon fans = a dozen fed fans. Any dork can put on a 10 dollar t-shirt and a fed communicator pin and be instantly recognized, but a klingon uniform is much more expensive as well as make-up ,wigs and weapons.
You have a point there. Showing up at conventions as a Klingon isn't easy to pull off, especially if you want to avoid looking like crap. Facemasks/makeup take money and effort to put on or wear, the uniforms often have to be made by the fan themselves or cobbled together from various parts, and so on. It's easier to dress up as a Feddie, because almost all the Feddies on the show were humans wearing now easily-obtainable costumes.

Hell, even I have a communicator pin I could wear, since I got it from the Collector's Edition box for STO, and I'm not really a Federation fan. Just get a proper TOS-style shirt and I'd pass muster at a convention.
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03-21-2013, 04:23 PM
Guise. Guise. The announcement was just released a few hours ago, and it was rather thin on the details. I also have my grievances with Cryptic regarding the past treatment of the KDF, but that's no reason to start jumping down their throats about the KDF being shortchanged this time 'round. It is neither confirmed nor denied that the new levels 1-20 will have new content to fill them. All we know is that the faction will be re-expanded to levels 1-50, and we will be getting a UI makeover.

How about we KDF players just hold off on criticizing Cryptic until we've actually seen what they come out with?

As for Federation players that talk about KDF 'whining': Bugger off. Whether or not you want to admit it to yourselves, the Federation has been the spoiled child of STO, and the KDF has been getting the crumbs left behind. We do NOT have a clear edge when it comes to ship quality (Federation have better escorts, and have science ships), and what edge the KDF did have has been watered down by KDF exclusives given to Federation players who only stamp their feet and ask for more (and 'suggesting' that more KDF exclusives be given away). More than half the game's content is modeled after Federation thinking, so all that content is effectively Federation-biased, and some of the content is available to both sides. The KDF has a few story arcs for themselves.
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Originally Posted by lazarus51166 View Post
How about past history and common sense?

By that analogy, noone should hope for change. If people didn't believe that changes were possible, we'd be still living in caves and beating rocks together.

Which is how it was for a long time and there were no 'substantial new players' in fact the player base was smaller than it is now

You forgot to mention that the KDF then had zero content compared to what the KDF has today. I'm not saying that it doesn't lack in comparison to the Fed., but there is a difference and thus the smaller number of players. Also more people play STO now than then.

Nope. Go back and read what dstahl actually said

Stahl said nothing. You are driving conclusions out of nothing just as the other poster.

it said nothing of the sort

This I agree with! Nothing of sort was mentioned, Romulan or Klingon related.

yeah. like they did when they could do that before, right?

Before you have to go through 25 levels of Fed. to make a KDF char. And then replay the Devidian missions that you just finished on your Fed.
If you can't see how the option for new STO players to start as KDF from the begining would reflect positively on the faction, I really don't know what to say.

we had 1-50 before, no influx of players. a UI doesn't do squat

Again, the KDF may had that before, but that 'before' being a time when the KDF was considered a PvP faction by the devs. and had zero content compared to now.
And the UI may not do squat to you or me, but I have talked to dozens of people on these forums only that have a colourblindness/headache problems with the UI and said they'd like to try out Klingon if they could change the UI colours. I can only imagine that there are much more people with similar issues that don't visit the forums.

Nope. you're making assumptions

So are you.

you mean the tutorial that is only 'in discussion' and can't be agreed on yet?

You see, it's all it the way one wants to interprete the things. Mr.Stahl in that interview you're referring to said that they're only discussing the tutorial. Now, from another perspective you could say that the only thing any of them will be discussing during interviews is the tutorial, because it was spoken of before and known to be worked on, keeping any other thing to themselves as they did with all this new stuff untill today.

they weren't locked into it for a long time before that change you know. and they had even fewer players than they do now

Once more, you could say that this was ages ago. Less players played STO and the KDF was viewed as PvP only faction. Seen how small the percentage of dedicated PvPers is today and that more people in STO like to PvE, it's not surprisning that the fation had less players when it was PvP exclusive faction even if you could start as a KDF.

thats not a full faction. we already had that with 8 missions and a handfull of never ending patrol missions that make you want to hang yourself after the 30th one

He didn't say it is. He said it's becomming a full faction, which it slowly is and a few very important steps have been made in that direction today.

no they aren't. they already said they weren't. and no 'probably' they either are or are not

Wrong, they actually said that new FEs will come with the next update.

except, you know, most current KDF players did just that. I know I did

Yes, but I don't believe the Cryptic devs. to be still counting on that, today, 2.5 years after that. And noone still has any proof of what they plan for the leveling.

you have stated no facts, just assumptions based on nothing

As did you, based on past experiences that you don't expect to ever change.

we have been told nothing of the sort

Again, with this I agree, although you can't blame people for logically expecting it.

no, the reason people don't play the KDF is that there is nothing to play

That is not true. There's plenty to play as KDF. There is just more to play on the Fed side, which is completely unfair and lousy treatment of the factions, but you can't really say there is nothing to do on the KDF.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you are wrong about anything you said in your post, you could be hitting it right on the spot for all I know.

The point I want to make is that this whole debate is based on assumptions from both perspecitves - the negative & the positive one. We just don't really know anything yet. And since the whole discussion is based on assumptions, I'd rather assume that positive things are comming, rather than getting dissapointed over negative assumptions.
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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
None of theses changes are even in effect yet and already a doom thread. OP, get some perspective man.

Let's wait on whining until after you are hurt. This isn't futbol where a guy falls on the ground holding his leg crying out an Oscar performance quality act before the guy with the ball even kicks him. We've been told we are getting 1-25 content. We've asked for that. We will have it. Be happy.

Anyone starting a Romulan faction is going to be grinding with fewer player from now till hell freezes to get a star base and embassy complete. But good on them. They have the faction they want. Cool. Be happy for them.
Nah, OP's just a troll trying to stir up ****, he made a similar thread on 1-2 other subforums. I don't think most of the KDF community is that disappointed. At most, people are surprised. . .I don't think a lot of folks (including me) expected a Romulan faction so quickly. I was personally thinking either later this year, or early 2014. Perhaps Cryptic has recently had the opportunity to expand its development staff, enabling much more impressive progress to be done.

If the KDF is re-expanded to 1-50 and that's accompanied with good content to fill the gaps, and we get the option to have something other than a red UI, AND we even get a nice ship to buy. . .that's good enough for me. That's the kind of KDF development I want to see from Cryptic. Another 1-2 expansions like that and the KDF would pretty much be complete.

We'll have to see.
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Originally Posted by dontphaseme View Post
I think most Klings will still play Klings. Its mostly rom fanboys who now play an alien fed will jump ship to the rom faction. This is good it will balance the current fed 80% vs kdf 20% out a bit.

Kerrat will be a very interesting place with three factions there (the rom ships will undoubtly have cloak) but kdf will still kick ass in pvp.

Feds will cry even more now that there will be 2 factions with cloaked ships.

Now if they could just add a cardie faction too...
Yeah, Ker'rat will get MUCH more interesting with the addition of a 3rd PvP factor. Especially since all the Romulan ships should have cloaks, as well. More hidden foes for the Federation to be terrified of.

And yeah, I'll still be playing KDF. I might start a Romulan toon just to see what it's like, and keep the toon if I like it well enough, but the KDF will continue to be my primary faction of choice.
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