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Many of you have probably seen me around ESD or have heard of my giveaway. Some of you may also know that I have a solo fleet that is current SB t3, Spire t1, Embassy t1, and Mine t2.

I have avoided bringing anyone in as I am generally a solo player and do not really get into the fleet politics that can come into play. That being said, at this point, I am now considering bringing 1-2 people in as a means of furthering the fleet tier overall.

My primary goal when starting the solo fleet was to get my starbase to tier 3, mostly just to see if I could do it. I have so that is something I am proud of. I also got the mine to tier 2 on my own. The Embassy and Spire I can say are mostly me. However, due to the massive amount of fleet marks needed, I have accepted free marks from players looking to get fleet credits. I cannot depend on the kindness of others forever though.

It is because of this that I am now opening the door to my very private fleet.

What to expect:

As I said, I do not generally go looking for groups of people to do missions or STFs with. I stick to the queues and I am happy with that. If you are looking for a fleet that is more sociable, this is not the fleet for you.

While I do offer some advisement, I will not always be available so if you are looking for a fleet to help you often, this might not be the best place to look.

While I do hold the ESD Giveaway daily, that is completely separate from the fleet and its goals. Joining the fleet will not give you access to any of the donated items from the giveaway. Period.

What the fleet can offer:

I have plenty of provisions that I have accumulated over the past year and I am always doing projects to add in more. I may not be a high tier fleet, but the NoP Public Service channel has made acquiring higher tier fleet gear very easy.

Since the fleet is and will be kept small, there will always be opportunities to earn fleet credits. In most cases, almost as many as you want.

The donation threshold I am setting is 150k (fleet credits) in donations to ANY fleet projects. It can be from fleet marks, dilithium, or any other item that is donated to further a project. Once you hit 150k in project donations, you will have full access to all fleet stores, including ships. As I have stated, we are not the highest tier fleet, but using the NoP Channel you can gain access to every fleet item (except ships) without having to leave the fleet.

Fleet Goals:

As of right now, I am trying to fast track the spire to tier 3. I will, however, open up other projects just so there will always be a place for members to donate and earn additional fleet credits. Secondary goal is the Embassy which is on the cusp of tier 2. Behind that is the shipyard which I would like to see get to tier 4 so we can all benefit from better ship selection. Tier 3 shipyard has some very good ships such as the Nebula and the Defiant. T4 has even better options and I want to make that available to members so a military project will almost always be running.

What you WILL NOT get:

You will not have access to the bank as a new member. Period. As you donate more and more, you will gain access to bank tabs with items in it. The fleet does not need Energy Credits so there is no need to donate any. I do not give EC or items to people in the fleet if asked so do not come here thinking this is a charity. You will not get early access to the fleet stores. I have spent too much time and effort building up the reserves to have someone come in and beg me for access. Earn your way to fleet gear. God knows I had to.

If these rules seem stringent, it is because they are. I am very particular about those I let into my world so I do not expect a large number of people asking to join. I do not really have any sort of interview process. All I ask is that you play at your own pace and only donate what you are comfortable with. At this time, our greatest need is fleet marks so if you have a few thousand you are looking to get rid of, consider that a headstart to accessing the provisions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in-game or visit my website which is located below this post.

Thank you for your time.
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04-14-2014, 12:51 PM
Hi, I have been playing for a couple months. Been in one fleet, was pretty cool, very helpful...but I didn't care too much for the immature joking and certain type of jokes. I am not particularly sensitive but, just feel some things should be left alone...and too much goofy kiddish joking ALL the time gets to be too much sometimes. (And didn't care for their promotion system, seemed pretty nepotistic based.) Looking for other mature players to hang out with and play with from time to time, I too am a solo type of player. I have some lower level characters and a few lvl 50s, with basic gear and working towards end game items and such with them. Will work on 1 character a few hours and jump from one to another, mostly checking doff missions...but Azrael my Romulan/Fed is my main. I am a bit older than most players in game, been gaming for 20+ years. From older systems like Nintendo, PS to pc games. Halo, Halo:CE, Halo 2, World of ********, Guild Wars...list goes on and on, now mostly playing STO & Torchlight II. I formed and ran my own clan for Halo & guild for WoW which evolved into a gaming community that was active for 12 years...but has recently become pretty much inactive, with members moving on to other things in their I am very famililar with gaming communities and having long time gaming friends and always looking for more. If this is the type of member you would like, please contact me in game to talk, Thanks.

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04-14-2014, 10:57 PM
I would like to join your Fleet. I have read your post a few times and I agree to your terms. After playing many games and running a 200+ member guild, a small "Fleet" with active members is what I'm looking for. I just want to play and enjoy the game and part of playing the end game is obviously contributing to a fleet. Or rather finding one I'm willing to contribute to.
I have recently started playing again after a long time. I have a life time membership and the thousand day vet status even though arc says I joined in Apr this year. Some discrepancy to do with repairing my account. However I am not a veteran player. I only have one level 50 soon to be 2 with this exp boost week. I don't think this is a game for many alts any way. There are a lot of things I don't know but I promise to look things up before I start asking dumb questions.
I know I haven't said much to sell myself but if you are willing to invite me or have any questions I'd be happy to reply.

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