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Title says it all. With a new faction coming out for the Romulans, there are probably some expectations for what sorts of features will be available to the faction. There are a fair amount of Bridge Officers available thorough specific means only, either through zen store purchases, such as Aenar, Caitans, Feresens, and Liberated Borg. Then there are the Boffs available from Diplomacy/Marauding Tier 4, and lastly, the playable species unlocks, again available at the Zens store-Joined trill, Fresens, Federation Klingons, and Caitans.

The Romulans are a rather insular people by nature, so they would logically be restricted from a lot of the options available to the KDF or Federation, so what do you see as being available to them?

Liberated Borg bridge officers seem to be a fairly safe bet, considering that both existing factions have them, and Joined trill will likely be available as well for playable species.

I see Klingons and Vulcans as being the most likely additional choices available. Even within the context of STO, there are plenty of Klingons willing to work with or for the Romulans, and Vulcans and Romulans have just too big of a history together to be ignored, but would they be in as Zen Bridge officers, Dip/Maur officers, or even playable species unlocks?

As much as I think the plethora of cat-people really fit STO, there are already unlocks for BoFFs and playable species for both existing factions, so it would be unsuprising if the Romulan Republic got an option as well. I think the Kzinti would be the most likely canidate, as they have already been established in Trek Lore, and because they were set to be reintroduced in season 5 of Enterprise, complete with rather imposing concept art. I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to see them in the game, although they would require a drastically different model than the feresens/caitans due to their different body type.

Some sort of mercenary species could be likely, as we know the Tal'Shiar already employ Hirogen, so it is not out of bounds with Romulan cultural practices. (although I would imagine the Hirogen themsevlves would be out of bounds, considerign their current allegiance) Perhaps Naucassian and Letheans could do double duty between factions? It's somethign to consider.

Those were just some basic thoguhts I had after seeing what little we have to go on so far, does anyone else have any thoguhts or ideas on this matter?
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03-21-2013, 06:14 PM

Yes, to some parts of your post, I suppose, friend.

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