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03-23-2013, 01:33 PM
Why? On what do you base this disbelief in them?
Sayit with me now... "racism", lol

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03-23-2013, 02:00 PM
The Romulans seem to have a high tech acuity. They're a highly advanced power in other words. The federation always seemed to focus on defense (shielding, sensors). Klingons always focused on aggression, offense (many high powered weapons, small, fast nimble ships), and the Romulans appeared to always focus on psychological and technological warfare (ships that look large (the d'deridex isn't truly as large as it looks), cloaking tech, and few, immensely powerful, weapons).

The Sovereign Class shows the Federation ship building mentality (in general). It's efficient, has multiple redundancies for every major system, a threat (when need be) in all directions, and is multi-role. It has enough firepower to be on par with the other powers, not to dominate them.

The Bird of Prey, which I use as an example due to numbers, shows the Klingon ship building mentality. Small, highly resilient, modular, easily upgradable, simple, and cheap. It doesn't need a large crew, and fits nicely into their culture of death by glorious battle without harming their empires overall war making ability by their loss. A few of them is a match for nearly any but the most powerful of the other powers ships.

Now, I'm not sure which to pick for the Romulans, Mogai, or D'deridex. However, those ships seemed geared towards scientific research as much as they were geared towards warfare. Both are larger than they need to be, are artistic in form (the federation does this too, but not to this extent), carry fewer weapons than you may initially expect, and yet are just as powerful as other races ships. Both ships are durable, expensive, and in the Mogai's case, may be a little sub par. Their form is to have a psychological effect on an adversary, as is the ability to cloak. Maybe even to fire when cloaked.

Now if I were designing the Romulan faction, I agree with a previous poster on having a string of cruiser types, along with a few innates that can drive an adversary crazy (firing while cloaked anyone?). They are a big ship people, and so a navy of large powerful ships makes more sense than the Klingons fast and manueverable ships.

Maybe they could make them have higher than fed durability, lots of sci and eng abilities. All their ships can mount DHC's. Maybe some larger arcs for those weapons on Romulan ships in order to offset the lack of tactical abilities available to the ship. Maybe the ships could have a 5/3 weapons set up (the romulans seem very forward arc dominant).

Just some rambling ideas from a guy who can't wait for summer to rear it's beautiful head and allow him to increase his vitamin-D levels, lol.

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03-23-2013, 03:11 PM
I can't recall the novel. But I do recall reading a reasonable interpretation of the early treaties between the Romulans and the Klingons. In which it was the Romulans who negotiated with the House of Duras for D7's. Trading a basic cloaking device. Technically, the House of Duras had the cloaking devices. Not necessarily the Empire as a whole. At least not immediately. This was how Duras managed to become influential on the High Council during the 23rd century.

During the script development for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the Bird of Prey model was developed with a Romulan adversary in mind. Only after the model was built and some effects scenes filmed, was the scripts enemy changed to Klingons instead. That scene of Kirk striking the BoP first and then the BoP spinning around to retaliate? That was a plasma torpedo. The arcs over Enterprise's hull were intended as plasma discharges of a Romulan plasma torpedo. It just wasn't interpreted that way in the final film. So your mileage may very.

A written scene interprets Kruge having stolen the BoP from the Romulans and bragging appropriately to other Klingon Commanders when he de-cloaks amongst their starships. Not filmed. So not a part of canon for some fans. So the interpretation of Klingons as thieves originates there.

IMO, it wouldn't be that far off the mark for the Romulan faction to also have a B'rel. Perhaps under a more Romulan name and with distinct stats from a B'rel.

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03-23-2013, 03:17 PM
I recall seeing a ship that was very much like a Romulan B'rel sometime in the past. In Starfleet Command 2 maybe.
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03-23-2013, 03:45 PM
The suggestion of the 5/3 weapon layout would seem appropriate considering the romulan ships do seem forward dominant, but the same could be said for the klingons, so I'm not sure the devs will give them that. If the romulans are supposed to generally be the "sci" of the trek trinity with feds the engineers and klinks the tacs, romulan ships may all boast higher shield modifiers with higher than fed maneuverability but lower than klink.

Since the romulans seem to have fewer ship classes, they may end up with more universal boffs to allow them to fill multiple roles, provided the devs don't plan on fleshing out the faction a great deal more with invented ship classes or other race's ships like the hirogen.

I'm not fond of the "fire from cloak" mechanic in general, it's pretty cheap and torps are so nerfed against shields that only the transphasic cluster torp really does anything from battle cloak. I would much prefer to be able to cloak and decloak more rapidly for more "hit and run" capability.

I realize that many would find it annoying for all cloaking ships, or even just romulan cloaking ships to be able to battle cloak, but I still feel that it's not such an advantage. Cloaking disables many of the ship's repair skills, so ducking out and staying cloaked for any length of time to regroup actually gives the non-cloaking opponent a better opportunity to regroup than the cloaking one. I also realize it could deprive some of the joy of destroying a ship if they duck out at the last second, but that should be taken as a victory in and of itself. "Haha, made you cloak!"

Perhaps they should make it so that, while cloaked, the ship's passive repair rates stay at combat levels even once out of combat. Thus the ship could go to full impulse, but such a balancing penalty would allow the non-cloaking ship to quickly get back to business using repair skills and passive repair once out of combat while a cloaking ship can't passively get back up to speed real quick and pop back in to annoy once more.
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03-23-2013, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by lizwei View Post
So you're saying that the Klingons and Romulans were still allies 2 years after Narendra was attacked.



Don't look so smug. I know what you're thinking, but Romulus was merely a setback. Did you really think we'd trust the future of the galaxy to Starfleet peaceniks and Klingon mongrels?

Seriously though, what can I say? Iconians are jerks. At least Romulus was the victim of an external attack, unlike Qo'nos which was nearly destroyed by Klingon stupidity, and then saved by the Federation, who's charity and good faith was repaid by the Klingons knifing them in the back. Twice.
Why, I do not feel threatened at all by this. After all you try to bend facts towards your own point of view.
And you can bet I have an extremely smug look on my face. Why, it?s so bright you might want to find some sunglases.

Now on to the discussion:
I think giving the romulans strong cloacks would be fine. Looking at what that does to Klingons Kerrat and other PvP will shortly become Transphasic Hell for the poor romulans and their max 25k Hull ships
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03-23-2013, 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Practically all Rommies should ship with a minimum of battle cloak as a standard.
I wish people would stop and think about game balance for just a second before they posted things like this. Battlecloak on KDF BoPs comes at a steep cost, do you want your beloved "Rommies" to have all ships be made of tinfoil? From what I saw on the TV shows Romulan ships weren't made for hit and run attacks, but rather for straight up engagements.
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03-23-2013, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by lizwei View Post
Seriously though, what can I say? Iconians are jerks. At least Romulus was the victim of an external attack, unlike Qo'nos which was nearly destroyed by Klingon stupidity, and then saved by the Federation, who's charity and good faith was repaid by the Klingons knifing them in the back. Twice.
Sadly the Federation has to be written as exceedingly lawful stupid, its how they make the hero ship crews seem even MORE AWESOMESAUCE!!!

This poor writing crutch makes most people roll their eyes and gleefully support anything Section 31 and M.A.C.O. related! The latter because its hardcore badassery personified and the former because it actually makes the lawful stupid federation make a little more sense.

Edit: Major Hays should've spaced Archer out an airlock a day or two after he got on board. I guarantee that for all of Hays' supossed hyper militarism he wouldn't have been half as much of a genocidal psycopath as Archer was.... Archer is DEAD to me! in my headcanon Porthos was the one that got everything done! And the bad parts... well, Porthos IS a dog, but at least you would believe he was really trying!

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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
I have to agree here, at least partially. (in the show) D'Deridexes seemed to fight like a heavy cruiser with a cloaking device.

I could see Mogais as being a battlecruiser, but not a full-blown escort. EBC? maybe.

Now, Romulans DO use BoPs, but a science focused BoP seems more Romulan than a clone of the KDF BoP. Maybe a version of battle cloak that lets you use sci powers while staying cloaked?
I completely agree with you.

I agree with wrathofachilles opinon that the Romulans maybe should get more universal BOFFs since there are less shipclasses in general. Additionally i think that the Romulans often seem to send single ships or at least very small groups (2-3) to missions, so i think that would justifiy a inceased amount of universal BOFF slots.
Althrough the romulans are now very hyped, the following six months after their release could bring a decreasing player count on the romulan side, because of their focus on science, while the KDF is focussed on tactical.
That's nothing bad IMO, but it would also argue for more versatile ships. Just a thought.

I too like the idea of a 5/3 weapon configutration, but if you ask me, even federation ships should have that, lol.

When it comes to battlecloak, i must say that i don't like it. Ships have to become really fragile in order not to make them OP and i just don't see Romulan ships that thin-skinned.
On the other hand i could imagine their ships to be less maneuverable than federation ships in general, in exchange for either an additional universal BOFF or even some universal consoles.

I would like to see Romulan ships more like sturdy and well armed science vessels than nimble fast fireing tactical battlecloak machines.
I hope Cryptic is bold enough to make romulan ships noticeable different to Starfleet and KDFs focus on small escorts.
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