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Hello all. ^^ I have been using the Heavy phaser beam satellite turrets on my Intrepid class and I have noticed that they dont shoot at bad guys all the time. Most of the time you drop them and they just sit there doing nothing. Please fix this bug...
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03-22-2013, 10:32 AM
Just spotted your post. Thanks for bringing this issue forward...

Well then, same here...sometimes they shoot, sometimes they aren't firing at all. I have experienced that mostly with torp platforms being a dud so to say. Usually they should fire on any foe within 10km....or am I wrong? Stowiki says 'nearby hostiles', which leads to speculations on range as it isn't clearly defined...

Sometime I've placed them within 2km of a gate/cube - no shots. Next time I've dropped them 5km distance to Donatra and they deliver torp/beam shots. Due to that that lack of reliability, I've pretty much stopped using them. Since the damage inflicted is not big anyway according to Stowiki:

...'For a level 51 Satellite compared with an enemy ship, same rank or same turret, the damage is very small ( each hit on target will deal 10 HP damage with a critical chance for 22 HP) but can be a good help when you need to destroy a strong ship (for example a I.R.W ship or a Daedrix battleship), even in Elite Mode gameplay.'...


So a shield/weapons/auxiliary battery might be the better choice for the device slot anyway instead...
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03-22-2013, 11:24 AM
Yeah, I just thought it could be another target to take fire off me to lol. But they should still work. Hope they fix it. :S

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