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# 1 Why is crafting so bad?
03-21-2013, 08:39 PM
Why is the crafting system so bad? The dilithium invested does not allow for a return when selling items on the exchange. Also, why can we not craft ground item sets like the Aegis space set. We need some unique items that can only be obtained by crafting to revitalize this part of the game and make it profitable again.
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# 2
03-21-2013, 08:44 PM
Crafting sucks because of the cost. Only a few things are worth crafting like Kits and the Horta non combat pet into a combat Horta because they don't require the use of Dilithium to buy unreplicateable materials.
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# 3
03-21-2013, 08:45 PM
Because of the cost of crafting (mainly Dilithium), and there is nothing of value to Craft. It's the worst gear in the game at the moment.
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# 4 o.o
03-21-2013, 08:46 PM
If crafting had a lot of class specific sets and stuff it would be okay again.
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# 5
03-21-2013, 08:54 PM
Better stuff to craft and make it a little less expensive and things would be better.
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# 6
03-21-2013, 08:56 PM
It would be worth it if the item were updated to match current mark values. pre-s5 Mk XI gear made sense. Once the MK XII gear started showing you after they raised it with the STF store crafting made no sense when all you needed was a prototype drop. after f2p they never updated the items because there was no point in updating a system they they knew was going to be overhauled.

The only other thing worth crafting is field generators out side the stuff mentioned above.
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# 7
03-21-2013, 09:01 PM
Because the Devs have not yet realized that having a very limited number of specific "uber" gear pieces, a wide variety of random drop "very good" gear pieces, and a wide amount of handcrafted "mediocre" gear pieces is a bad idea.

If they are going to suggest that only Fleet/Omega gear is "top of the line", then they need to adapt the remainder of the hand-crafted gear (and by that I mean things that the Devs specifically build and make available, such as crafted gear, Breen Absolute Zero set, etc) on par with the "very good" random drop gear as a function of both effort and effectiveness.

I personally think this is fairly dumb, and a lot of it has to do with how difficult it is to differentiate items. If Mk XII Very Rare drop gear was inferior to crafted or otherwise handcrafted equipment, then those things would be essentially valueless. If, on the other hand, Mk XII Very Rare gear was superior to handcrafted equipment, then nobody would use that- and because that's the case, nobody uses or buys handcrafted gear.

In truth, the only way I can think of to effectively change this system is by differentiating gear. Handcrafted gear should be just as 'good' as Mk XII Very Rare random drops, but it should be different.

For example, say that the Federation could only craft phasers and photon/quantum torpedoes. Further, you could say that all Federation crafted Mk XII weapons have [dmg]x2 and [special modifier], where the [special] modifier is the same modifier on elite fleet weapons (making these basically "junior" Elite Fleet weapons, probably similar to, but slightly inferior to, Advanced/Elite Fleet weapons). Call them "Advanced Deployment" or something (i.e., these aren't widely distributed to the fleet but you've been given access to the plans to build them yourself if you want).

Basically, as an Admiral, you would then have a choice:

Top End: Elite/Advanced Fleet Phasers Mk XII Ultra Rare
Very Good: Mk XII Very Rare Drops, with your favorite modifier and energy type, or Mk XII Advanced Deployment Phaser weapons.
Good: Lower level drops, Mk XI blue, Mk XI purple, and Mk XII blue
Poor: Mk X blue, Mk X purple, Mk XI green

And then whatever else below, like we have now.

The difficulty is that right now, the 'handcrafted' gear is decidedly closer to "good" or "poor" on that scale than to "very good". The devs have attempted to remedy this in one or two cases, such as the upgraded Jem'Hadar gear, which brings it up to Mk XII Very Rare grade, and probably does put it into the "Very Good" category.

In my opinion, this doesn't go far enough; the standard for that handcrafted gear should be "Very Good" with the potential to upgrade it to "Top End" if the Devs want to do that. As it is, moving from Good to Very Good is OK but it leaves a whole pile of handcrafted gear out in the cold.
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# 8
03-21-2013, 09:04 PM
  1. crafting is bad because little creative effort was put into it.
  2. Dil should NOT be a component; the whole 'unreplicatable' parts thing was stupid
  3. other than aegis, there's nothing good there. items have the worst [buff] combos
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# 9
03-21-2013, 09:07 PM
Simple answer is that the devs want crafted items to be inferior to loot drops. The most likely reason for that is because its easier to manage. If the best gear was craftable at a reasonable price, then people would craft stuff more often (duh) and then flood the exchange with it. Prices on that gear would bottom out and nobody could sell any loot drops because that loot would not be as good. So... easier to just make crafted items comparably weak. Ultra-rare loot stays ultra-rare and expensive. This doesnt even consider the pressure on zen-to-dilithium conversions needed. Making a full set of Aegis gear requires a week of grinding.

Not sure its really fixable without revisiting a whole bunch of different subsystems. Best thing is just tell yourself its not a long-play MMORPG and dont make those expectations

Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
  1. other than aegis, there's nothing good there. items have the worst [buff] combos
Some of it is better than dil store, with [acc]x2 vs [acc]. It's almost always cheaper and easier to buy the gear on the exchange, or someting very close to it.

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# 10 o.o
03-21-2013, 09:13 PM
What if mobs dropped the particles as well as other important crafting materials and we had items unique to crafting that where important to the game. Also, we should have more consumables added to crafting as well as grenades. Basicly, if we gave crafting a unique and valuable set of items it would come back to life.
Unique consumables and more item sets would save crafting.

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