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So I don't know how many times this has been mentioned and reported, or if there has been a response to this. But when is the invisible torpedo going to be fixed?

For those that don't know the Borg have a nasty habbit to shoot you with normal torpedoes, HY Torpedoes or Spread Torpedoes. That's all well and fine except for the fact that these are INVISIBLE. You are unable to target or see them as they approach your ship, so countering these becomes a game of chance, you are forced to play an anticipation game. Making it so that you need to pop all your defensive buffs just so you can wait for a torpedo that can take anywhere from 5-10 secs to reach you and hit. Lets ignore the fact that these torpedoes hit for 45k to over a million in damage. It is the Borg and they should be overpowered but please make it so we can see doom coming at us instead of randomly approaching a combat area only to be blown up instantly not knowing what the hell killed us.

Current Borg vessels that possess invisible torpedo technology

BORG UNIMATRIX SHIP (***** HIT ME FOR OVER 1,000,000 in DMG with a torpedo HY)

Please fix this issue, it happens in all BORG STF's, FLEET ACTIONS, RED ALERTS. Haven't gone into any space encounters in a while or done any borg related mission so don't know if it happens there.
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03-05-2013, 10:58 AM
This type of thing happens to me on a fairly regular basis. Once, a friend and I were shooting at a gate and watched it explode and then 3 seconds later I simply blow up. Neither my friend nor I saw anything coming at us.
I guess the gate got an "invisible" shot off before it exploded. LOL
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03-05-2013, 11:14 AM
The unimatrix ships in the hive for sure can crit again. All stf borg are supposed to be unable to crit, but i took a -Critical- yesterday from a torp spread.

In addition this next bug effects more then just borg. Donatra and the romulans in carraya both have done this to me lately, they fire a massive cluster of photon torpedos exactly like the 360 degree photon torpedo console on the armitage. 1 shots every time.

She killed all 5 of my team in 360 degree area yesterday. And there was no mistaking that it was a cluster of photons which romulans and donatra aret supposed to not have. Both times this occured that ive seen it happened outside 10km range of the closest enemy ship. And both times i had been outside that range for 1+mins so it shouldnt have been able to fire on me at all either time but all the sudden you see a swarm of red torps appear like 2km from you and pop you in 1 hit, full health brace for impact doesnt stop it.

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03-05-2013, 06:06 PM
Yeah. It seems one of the recent patches screwed this up again. And they had it fixed. I keep getting hit by plasma torpedoes in STFs even when there isn't any enemies around sometimes.

Example: Infected: The Conduit (elite).
When going against the big gate and the only enemy around is the Tactical Cube which is about 14 Km, well out of firing range, I'll suddenly take a tone of damage sometimes and notice I have a plasma torpedo debuff on me. Never saw anything hit me. I've never noticed the big gate ever using torpedoes even when this problem was fixed.

I've also noticed when hitting evasive maneuvers and running from the tac cube just far enough to get out of range and heal up a bit (about 12-14Km), I'll suddenly get nailed with a plasma torpedo. My camera is facing the tac cube the whole time when I move away from it and never see what hits me.

Yesterday on the KDF side, I did the daily "Empire Defense: Borg" and saw the same thing, though they didn't use heavy plasma torpedoes, just regulars. Kinda strange I was getting hit with them sometimes a couple seconds or so after destroying a borg sphere and there are no other enemies around.

Sometimes it seems as if the tac cube in elite STFs has a very long range and can target me past 10Km and get me with plasma torps. Seems to be up to about 15Km is when it happens. The bottom line is something broke and make things revert back to what they were before in 1 of the recent patches. At least 2 weeks ago I think.

I have also been hit with high yield plasma torpedoes, and regular plasma torps, when there aren't any enemies around in STFs.
I use to be with it. But I don't remember what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me.

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03-05-2013, 06:27 PM
I just remembered something and it could be related.

One time doing Azura Nebula Rescue, I went to an asteroid by myself. I defeated all Tholian ships and proceeded to disable the tractor beam to free the ship when suddenly I took a tiny amount of damage (less than 100 points) and was interrupted. I looked around thinking I missed a Tholian ship and there was nothing there. I started to disable the tractor beam and again, I took a tiny amount of damage and was interrupted. I waited a few seconds and took tiny amounts of damage a few more times. Again there was nothing around. I switched to the combat tab on my chat window and saw something like "unknown entity deals 89 damage to you with plasma torpedo" about 6 or 7 times. Then this mystery attacker stopped and I released the ship.

I've also had this mystery attacker immediately after respawning in Azura Nebula Rescue when I died. There are NO enemies at the spawn point. Heck I don't think you could even tank a Tholian ship and kite it that far.

I've also seen this happen at least once right after completing Infected: The Conduit (elite). tac cube destroyed, mission over, and suddenly I'm taking tiny amounts of plasma torpedo damage from an unknown source. These attacks even put the plasma torpedo debuff on me that was doing about 1 damage per tick.

Edit: I just remembered, I had this happen to me once doing a borg red alert in 1 of the space sectors. Don't remember which one though. It may have also happened at least once doing story episodes.
I knew I should have taken a screen shot of the combat logs.
I use to be with it. But I don't remember what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me.

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03-05-2013, 11:06 PM
It's part of the new borg tek cloaked torpedoes. LOL no but this is bad happens to me all the time.
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03-05-2013, 11:12 PM
This has been happening since STF's were introduced.
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03-06-2013, 04:21 AM
The fact that torpedos are invisible is supposedly a graphical issue.

What I find more annoying is that these torpedos even without any crits can deal over 40k worth of hull damage straight through shields, often one-shooting barely damaged ships. Combine it with the fact that they're invisible and come from nearly all borg vessels, and you're blowing up constantly not knowing what hit you. Large number of spheres are especially annoying, if they all decide to target you.

And FYI, those are neither HY targetable torps, nor TS, but simple plasma torpedos knocking out more than 3/4 of player's hull through shields even without crits (afaik only Gateway can crit with a torp atm). Just check the combat log after you die.

Yet Torpedo Spreads are way worse, since bosses tend to fire them as often as every 30 seconds, yet the only way to defend oneself against a salvo are dmg resistance buffs and BFI, which more than often have 45sec cd and leave you severely damaged anyway.

Saddest thing - the devs seem to have no idea what exactly is happening or refuse to accept it due to raw numbers they see on their end, which may not necessarily reflet the in-game situation. On the one hand I kind of got used to this, but on the other it's still annoying and encourages playing nimble escorts even more, since even well built cruisers can get one-shot in certain cirumstances. Heck, sometimes even escape isn't an option, as I've been killed by an invisitorp numerous times while over 25km away from an enemy that had me on target.

I know STFs are supposed to be challenging, but I wish this challenge didn't come mostly from cheap deaths...
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03-06-2013, 04:30 AM
My theory about the Invisible Torpedo is that it's rooted in a separate torpedo bug: When a torpedo "times out", it automatically hits its target, instead of missing. Since torpedoes actually move quite slowly, it is not difficult for a moving ship to simply completely outrun it somewhere in the distance without ever being aware that the torpedo even existed.

At that point, the lost torpedo decides to spontaneously hit its target despite being nowhere near, so you are killed by this invisible torpedo despite the sky being completely clear and no weapons fire is seen anywhere, so it's not vfx overload.

I have seen this particular behavior way too often: You'll clear the left transformer, and on your way over to the right transformer, despite not being under fire in any way, you'll suddenly explode for no reason.

This makes these ghost torpedoes impossible to avoid because avoiding them is what causes this. So you just can't win: If you get hit, you die to a visible torpedo. If you evade the visible torpedo, you are killed by an invisible torpedo. This would be why it is impossible to see the torpedo, even in a totally clear sky, and impossible to target the torpedo, even with /target Heavy Plasma Torpedo. The Torpedo simply doesn't exist anymore, it's a ghost.

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03-06-2013, 04:45 AM
sounds like a good explanation

and i really hope they would find another way of making estfs challanging without stupid onehits

there is so much they could do

like a death zone around a tac cube where u get hit really often with medium dmg

in general high frequent medium dmg is much much more interesting and in the end challanging and fun than just a small amount of very high dmg to be avoided (or simply die
dont mattrer which ship which buffs / how many shields)

gice them more tractors more everything but less dmg

a taccube should be able to attack all 5 players in range in an stf, just with a different weapon so like thread generating cruisers take the large hits and escorts flying around get the smaller faster weapons

and image a taccube with like point defense and stuff like that, making it a really interessting target where a group has to work together, target same shield facing and so one instead of everyone just shooting at it till its dead or we are.

i know im sry thats more than the thread asked for, just had this on my mind for a long time now

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