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# 1 Out of Viedo Memory
03-22-2013, 02:01 AM
I'm still getting Out of Video Memory errors (Error 15) and causing CTD crashes to desktop.

Was just in the Foundry and just merely going to change keybinds and it crashed. And I am still CTDing when on my KDF when beaming into the First City (sometimes happens on New Romulus as well).

I never had any problem with STO and been playing with this same video card and computer since F2P went live a year ago. And problems like this started when Season 7 went live, and I have countlessly reported this issue.

Which is funny that I'm "running out of memory" when not using STO I can run 3D MAX and AutoCAD (in 3D mode) or run two MMOs at the same time. Which are graphically more intensive than STO.

People suggested I change my video card and increase the memory setting and that has not worked. So whomever on the STO Dev Team that can answer if I can fix it on my end, I would appricate it.

EDIT: Bah Stupid Typo in Title, sorry

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