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# 1 In-Game Bug Report Failure
01-13-2010, 09:25 AM
So I was using the in-game bug report function to make a detailed bug report, and I hit accept and a little message pops up that tells me I had profanity in my message and that it's been ignored. I am honestly pretty ****ed about that. No I had nothing that could be considered profanity in my bug report, which leads me to suspect that your profanity filter is based on some idiotic method like ignoring whitespace and looking for any string of letters that matches a swear word, which would make things like "waS HIT" and "ASSASSin" show up as profanity.

Honestly this is really insulting. If you're gonna use such a terrible profanity filter the LEAST you could do is give the person a chance to see what might be setting the filter off and fix their report. As it is I spend a bunch of time to try and make make my report as detailed as possible and then get slapped in the face and told I'm gonna be ignored.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
01-13-2010, 10:14 AM
I hear you, I was playing Champions Online and was suprised to learn that word "devil" was on the censored list. So names like Dare Devil would be banned. So I can easily imagine there are other words that are probably on the filter list that don't seem like candidates actually make it to the list. I believe it's an attempt to be more "worldly" politically correct as it may be more offensive in cultures different from our own.

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