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It could happen, but lets hope that it doesn't. It's a god awfully ugly ship.
In a game with the Oberth, the D'Kyr, the Fekiri Carrier puffing smoke out into the void of space, the Breen monstrosity, the Tholian weird ships and a federation TIME ship that looks nothing like Federation ship design, you're going to call the Narada ugly?

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04-09-2013, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by radaikofromulus View Post
Again, I'm not saying the Narada will happen. But I do see room for the possibility that it could happen. There was someone working together with CBS and Paramount way back when.

It could happen, but lets hope that it doesn't. It's a god awfully ugly ship. It doesn't look Romulan, its crew didn't look Romulan. Don't we have enough JJ-ish faux Romulan stuff in game now? Like the bald hair dos and massively ugly face tattoos.

How much more of the 2009 shtick do the Romulan fans in this game have to be subjected to. I've watched the new movie twice hoping that it would get better or that it would rub off on me- just gets worse with time. If Narada ends up in game you'll never have five minutes peace from the reminder of what's happened to the IP. I can choose to ignore anything ST Abrams related if it stays away from STO and new Trek fans can always watch the movie, read the comic and buy the toys/models for the ship if they just have to have it so badly.
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