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One of the promo posters shows what many people think is Hakeev. Now we know that he died in the Cloaked Intention FE series but *if* the start of the Romulan missions is set chronologically at the same place the Fed timeline starts then Hakeev would still be alive. (Sela would also have not been captured/rescued by the Iconians, Obisek would still be a terrorist/freedom fighter etc.)

I think this would be interesting to build up his back story and make him a prominent villain in their story. Perhaps we might even get to see how Hakeev got his borg implants?

While they are at it, could they possibly re-do his voice in Mine Enemy. He sounds quite different to the last 2 episodes and its kind of jaring to have his voice change.

House of Cards - Lvl 46 Fed mission
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03-22-2013, 07:25 AM
The Kakeev that we ended could have been a Clone and it would be a very plausible and easy out to explain with only one line of text needed

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