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# 1 Share your characters,..
03-22-2013, 01:11 AM
I thought it would be interesting to see what characters you have. So I started this topic where you can share your characters, with images if you like.

What alliance do they have
Do they have a background story?
What species are they?
What career have you picked for them?
Do you have same character for all career/fraction?
Which character do you plan to make with the new Romulan fraction?
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03-22-2013, 01:41 AM
Here are mine:


Federation Ambassador (Vice Admiral) Otungku, Saurian, Engineer. Worked odd jobs on DS9 until discovered and sponsored by Mile O'Brien.

Vice Admiral Kurr, Caitian, Science Officer, Medical Division. Was the head of medical operations on a colony world until reassigned to the U.S.S Gaelic. Now commands the U.S.S Faura, Caitian Atrox Carrier.

Gul (Vice Admiral) Natan Mirek, Cardassian (Alien), Tactical. Discovered in an abandoned Dominion research facility by then Captain Otungku. Graduated from Starfleet Academy then resigned as a Commander to return to Cardassia. Detached to the Mercenary Strategic Fleet Command as a liaison to Starfleet for Cardassian affairs.

Vice Admiral Zesa Bris, Joined Trill, Engineer, Master Crafter. No background.

Vice Admiral Lachlan MacShemeus, Liberated Borg, Tactical. Working for Section 31 willingly became assimilated by the Borg to gain intel on how they operated and by what means they were entering the Alpha Quadrant. Retrieved years later but the intel sub-dermal implant was discovered and destroyed by the Borg. Rehabilitated and placed back into service.

Lieutenant T'ves, Vulcan/Romulan hybrid, Science. No backstory.

Klingon Empire

Lieutenant General Slaas, Gorn, Tactician. Simply biding his time to free his people.

Major General Ch'ula Renti, Ferasan, Science officer. Raised on a colony world, she became an understudy for them Commander Kurr. After Kurr's reassignment, Starfleet withdrew their presence from the colony due to increased Klingon raids in the area. Days before she was to depart for Starfleet Academy, the Borg attacked the colony. Feeling abandoned by the Federation, she returned to her home world and joined their military. When Ferasa joined with the Empire, she transferred to the KDF in hopes to strike back at Kurr and the Federation.

Captain Meroni D'lani, Orion, Engineer. Simply in it for the money.

There is a high probability that Zesa and Lachlan will retire and T'ves may join her Romulan side.
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03-22-2013, 01:47 AM
Character 1-I have a betazoid science officer (the first character I ever made, and the picture seen presently as of this date, for my avatar).

During a meditation, he, managed to time travel to his "future", and decided to remain there to help the Federation. Originally, (though he doesn't find out till then), his earth parents were abducted by "aliens" and so "Aaron" is a "hybrid" half human half "alien", that "alien" part of him is betazoid.

Character 2- a klingon tactical, he was human once. Yet during a meditation his spirit came to the Klingon home world, and he took pity upon an abandoned klingon baby that had his parents murdered for being a "dishonor". So this person decided to enter the body of the baby, after it died, in order to grow up as a klingon to try and bring peace in the kdf . And encourage peace throughout the galaxy, and union. Though he is seen as an outcast by most kdf.

- I have 6 other characters yet I'm always changing them , and usually just keep my main two.

- I got a kitty character. during an experiment he was sent hurtling through time and arrived to the federation and decided to stay there and help out.

- got an orion male and female engineer character presently, whom accidently got shifted into the star trek universe, where they are no longer the leaders of the orions.

-I have an "alien" tactical, whom came from a destroyed planet, whose people were much like vulcan's, only with an extra power of telekinesis. Once his planet was destroyed by the borg, he became one of the commanding tactical officers on the cube which Captain Picard confronted. Once the cube was destroyed, this character was confused until picked up by the Federation . In which he then joined.

- Got a vampire female (tactical? cant remember) character for the federation side. I also made a mission for klingon characters to play, called "earth invasion". Where this character goes crazy and kills all the people on the earth space station.

- my last character is a Jem'hadar science character, he was injured during a mission and was healed and looked after on a planet whose race of beings were extremely intelligent, they not only healed his body, yet gave him extra longer life than otherwise would be for a Jem'hadar, and they also gave him compassion, so that he is now as emotional as any good being.
When he returned he was different, no longer a soldier of war. He tried to convince his people to join the Federation and have peace, yet to no success, and eventually decided to leave and be with the Federation.
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03-22-2013, 02:11 AM
My main character (which I've put the most effort to create and develop) is Starfleet Officer.

She is from the Alien race named "Abh" and her name is Lafiel Paryu Nei Abriel (yes, she is based on the novel/anime series Crest/Banner of the Stars). Before she was "forced" to become a Capitan of starship, she was trained and assigned as Junior Medical Officer (Science Career). Yes, I've tried to write a background story of her in mine "Captain's log"

My other chars (but without much RP background) are Trill Starfleet Engineer and Orion Tactical Officer.

I most likely will create Roluman to check it out.

PS. My chars are all girls - no I don't have "many men online role playing girls" syndrom
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03-22-2013, 02:18 AM
-Betazoid tac officer, fed. Born in space in a refugee ship. Raised on earth by foster parents (human). Worked her way through the academy. She don't know much about Betazoid culture and way of life, and is more human in her mind.

-Half human-half Romulan. Fed. Daughter of a Human ambassador and a Romulan unificationist. She is more Romulan than Human, but totally embrace the Federation ideals, and Unificationists goal. She didn't planned to be a starship captain, and worked in the Starfleet Engineer corp, but the death of her husband years ago changed her mind. I made her look quite like a Romulan.

-Half human-half Romulan. Fed. Twin of the one above. She is more human than Romulan, and is the opposite of her sister. She is quite unruly, and had trouble with the hierarchy for a long time. She is a science genius however, which explain why she is still in Starfleet. I made her look like Human, more than Romulan.

-Alien, KDF. I wanted a complete alien race, something that could have happened in a Star Trek episode, so I made her. She is black skinned, tall. Most of her appearance, names and lore have similarity with arabian names.
Her planet is almost tidal locked, which mean it slowly rotate, and a day last more than a year. The only place to live is in the edge of the night and day, everything else is a desert, cold for the night, and hot for the day. They built huge "walking" city, that slowly follow the sun. Their world is harsh, so are they.They have a culture based on conflict, honor and are warlike. Centuries ago, one of them stopped the civil wars that waged on their planet, and not unlike Surak for the Vulcan, taught them the values they have now. They value strength (either physical or intelligence) above everything else. They think the ultimate goal of an individual is to be the strongest in both his mind and his physical strength. They think the ones that rules need to prove his strength, one way or another, but never dominate anyone, like it was in their past. As such, they don't have any kind of intolerance, as long as someone can prove his/her strength.
When they met the Klingons, they attacked them. And failed, which proved the Klingons were worth following. So they asked to side with them. However, unknown to the Klingon, once their Honor debt is paid, they'll leave them.

I plan to make a foundry mission with her world someday.

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# 6
03-22-2013, 02:18 AM
my main character, ship, and officers
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03-22-2013, 02:20 AM
My main fed is a human science officer of native american descent. She is a trained medic and a fierce fighter.

My main KDF is a joined trill engineer who came from the Trill colony world in KDF space. She employs fabricated bombs and mines and commands a mighty space .. um, ship.
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03-22-2013, 03:28 AM
I have about 14, but I only really play five or six.


James Cael Jexsam, Human Tactical. Though a bit subdued in person, James has a sharp mind and an uncanny ability to earn peoples' trust, even when he'd rather not and seemingly in spite of his slightly-less-than-friendly exterior. This uncanny ability gives him a distinct command presence; he is implicitly trusted by his senior staff and can easily inspire his crew to action. Though seemingly counter-intuitive, this talent is also a contributor to his biggest weakness - diplomacy. He has a hard time coping with other strong, assertive personalities who are less apt to succumb to his presence. He trusts these matters to his third-in-command, a Bolian named Spevak. Presently commands the USS V'nashir, Multi-Vector Advanced Escort.

Endraea "Ender" Rene Prichard, Lib. Borg Science. Cold, outspoken, and almost pragmatically decisive. She knows little of her past, except she was commander aboard a small Starfleet vessel at Vega Colony when it was attacked. She was rescued, but not before the assimilation process had done enough damage to make removing some of her implants impossible. Amnesia aside, she passed every psych exam and seemed to lose none of her command ability or training, so after taking some time to recuperate and rebuild a part of her personality, she returned to service. She quickly rose to the rank of Captain. Presently commands the USS Wild Hunt, Akira-class Heavy Escort Carrier.


"Erebus", demonoid alien Tactical. Discovered adrift by a Klingon scout ship. A series of events led to him challenging the captain of the small Bird-of-Prey that fond him to a duel. Erebus slew the captain in honorable combat. Seeing an opportunity, he attempted to assume command. He was challenged immediately by the first officer who he also slew. By coincidence, the captain of the ship had been involved in dealings with the Romulans and was under investigation by the Council. As thanks for removing the thorn in their side for them, Erebus was officially allowed into the KDF and given a small command. By the time the war started, he had worked his way to the rank of Captain, and though he had been told point blank he would never command a capital ship, he was granted command of an experimental Peghqu' destroyer, the IKS Erinyes.

Elthora Kalkira, Orion Science. Slaver by trade, contracted clandestinely by Klingon Intelligence to allow them access to her prisoners as a means of extracting information without getting directly involved. It is no coincidence her slaving activity has increased since the ceasefire. Elthora herself is cunning and quiet, but bold, and very much in favor of using her "talents" as an Orion if it will get her what she wants more easily, to the point of degrading herself for a sure gain. This has had the unfortunate side effect of giving her a rather unflattering reputation in some circles, but with that reputation comes powerful connections and sometimes even more powerful blackmail material. Presently commands the Fleet Corsair Qarinah.
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03-22-2013, 07:41 AM
I have a fair few characters after 3 years of playing, but, my main and favourite is Lau'wen -

(This bio was written on day 1 and has only had a few minor edits over the years!)

Lau'wen Talla Shran, born 25 years ago on Andoria, is a descendent of the great Andorian commander Thy'lek Shran - the Shran who fought alongside (and sometimes against!) Captain Jonathan Archer of the NX-01 Enterprise. The tales she was told as a child about these two men and all their adventures together, inspired Lau'wen to join up to Starfleet.

Lau'wen has always been interested in engineering, her father was an Andorian freighter Captain, she spent much of her childhood in space, learning from first hand experience. After a cargo drop to a Federation Starbase, the freighter - "The Flux" suffered an attack from Orion cruisers, rending her useless. In less than 3 days Lau'wen had "The Flux" back up and running with just enough power to get safely back to Andoria. Lau'wen was only 8 years old when this event took place.

To be Chief Engineer on any Starfleet vessel would be a dream come true, but become a Captain, was this within her reach? With unparalleled engineering skills, Lau'wen came top of her graduating class - 12 years later. She was assigned to a 3 year deep space mission on her 20th birthday.

That mission was not a success, only lasting 18 months, Lau'wen was at a loose end, she opted to take part in an exchange program to study on a Vulcan ship for 1 year, hoping to fine tune her skills under strict Vulcan tutelage.

This experience helped to shape her into what she is today. Lau'wen is very proud of her first ship; the USS Fluxette, named after her fathers frieghter, "The Flux".

Likes: Engineering, warp theory discussion, starship modification and getting her hands dirty. Dislikes: Timewasters, slackers and anyone who would dare harm her precious technology.

Picture -
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# 10
03-22-2013, 07:43 AM
All relevant data is on gateway... Feel free to check them out.
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