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I think if they really want to improve PvP, they should make PvP deep space encounters.

If a ship from one faction, encounters another in sector space, it should give you the option to attack them. It would then generate a random space map for the encounter (similar to the way star clusters work). Only you and the player challenged. Engagement is over when one ship or the other is destroyed, then it could give both a cool down time before they can challenge or be challenged again. The system would work like the DSEs used to when you got pulled in, but this would be PvP only.

If the Enterprise or any other ship encountered a hostile vessel, they didn't have a choice if they were attacked. Think about the battle between the Scimitar and the E in Nemesis, that would be epic to have PvP battles like that. We all know that the warp drive is one of the first systems to go, right up there with the transporter. So no way to escape.

Of course, they would need to add an option to turn off this type of PvP challenge for those not interested in such a thing and also you should only be able to be challenged or challenge other captains of your level, otherwise, its not really a challenge. There would need to be rewards for participating though, some kind of incentive to keep the option on. (Marks, Dilithium, etc). Even if someone loses, there should still be a consolation prize for being a good sport. lol

They could also place limits on where these PvP battles should occur, such as in the border sector blocks, instead of the core areas.
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