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Doff Trading died with season 7, when we lost the ability to reassign common doffs. The problem lies in the dilithium cost. To break even you can buy them for 1000 ec each, but that's pushing it. 500 dilithium is worth roughly 70k ec by other means. average value of a random doff has dropped to roughly 25k ec, giving the total potential profit of 5k ec, not including buying the 5 commons. Also, that 70k ec cost is relative to the current cost of buying Zen on dilithium trade.

At some point as dilithium losses it's value, it may reduce the trading costs. Only the reassignment of common doffs could ever become profitable from dilithium losing it's value. The rest is impossible to make a profit as the doff you get is completely random, only a select few have value. I do not see this to be true in any near future especially with the new faction coming out in May, which I assume new fleets and starbases will start to be built which has been giving dilithium a high value and sought after. For those who remember the time before starbases it cost roughly 360 dilthium per zen. At that rate, common reassignments become profitable, however the rest of them never will be. There are better means to gaining purple doffs than reassignment now.

The reassignment cost of course killed the doff traders like myself, we now farm items in combat just like everyone else...Doff trading was work, it's not a means to free ec. not everyone can spend hours running those assignments, posting doffs. It takes patience, and alot of it.

It is true you can make a lot from farming items but you use to be able to do the same with recycling doffs. I just wanted to post this complaint as only a few of us participated in this, there are some that still do but they don't realize the costs and should quit with any form of reassignments. The cost of the 5 doffs to 1 upgraded doff was enough, and even back then there wasn't enough people doing it. Now it's unheard of. It shrinks the gap between your worthless doffs and your expensive ones.

If you want better pricing on doffs, please support the removal of the dilthium cost. This activity raises the cost of your "worthless" doffs aka Science and civilians, while lowering the more expensive types as more are pushed into the fold. This means you can earn more fleet credits for your EC and contribute to the projects faster. Many people don't want to deal with doff trading and rather just sell their doffs off and go out and fight. Some actually enjoyed running back and forth between the exchange and personnel npc.

In conclusion, dilithium cost for reassignment is too high. Making farming items the best alternative. These costs has forced civilian and science to all time low values. With the removal of the cost would bring better prices on doffs, lowering the more expensive ones and raising the worthless ones. I want my trade back! ....
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03-23-2013, 06:26 PM
we now farm items in combat just like everyone else
And that may have been Cryptic's goal. You know, to get people to play the game

Otherwise, good luck because I wouldn't mind have a crew full of Very Rare Doffs.
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