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Hi i post it again because no help.
The launcher don't start, if i start Star Trek Online.exe i become a crash report.

- on other system (vista 64 too) i check the download (via extern hdd i copy on other system) work (download ok)
- firewall/ UAC deactivated, no anti virus or spy software
- launch on admin no response
- client.exe run
- all driver (sound/Graphic) actualy the newest one
- all used software on my system are original and i use no crack für anything
- in my opinion any driver dont work with the launcher but which
- I reinstalled 2 Times.

- it don't create any log file ore something i only see the crash report
Attaching to crashed process...
Harvesting data from crashed process...
Mode: Customer
Communicating with Cryptic Error Tracker...
Terminating crashed process...
Sending Diagnostic Information...
Waiting for description dialog to close...

My System:
- Vista 64 Service Pack 2
- Geforce 8800 GT
- Realtec onboard Sound
- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2,4 GhZ

- Details look on my DXDIAG

my dxdiag:

i hope anybody can help
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# 2 on Vista 64bit
01-13-2010, 09:24 AM
Due to the UAC limitations of Vista 64bit try installing on another drive or a folder outside of the root dir. don't install in windows or program files folder. if this works for you please post a reply. Also the only way to deactivate the UAC in vista 64bit is through a command prompt and this is only deactivates it for the next reboot and all following reboots reapplies the UAC. I have heard of other Pirated versions of vista 64 having the UAC perminately disabled but i would question what the stripping of the UAC would do to the OS and if due to that you would have other issues. (I am not implying that you have a pirated version of windows just stating what I know of UAC in the vista 64 environment.
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# 3
01-13-2010, 09:36 AM
no work install it directly on my hdd no response :/ vista 64 its original i only say that vista dont ask me anything if i delete or somithing like this ^^

to say UAC is deactivatet is not correct of me but it still set down

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