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The 2nd Fleet - Second to none

What is the 2nd Fleet?
The 2nd fleet without hesitation has a history with Star Trek Online as
being one of the most structured fleets on the Holodeck. The 2nd fleet
has been known to many as being a fleet that others will always talk
about to other members simply based on our structure alone. Besides
fleet policies, uniforms, and ranks; the 2nd fleet also has the reputation
to do queues of STFs, PvP. and Events on a daily basis.

Do I have to be a certain rank?
Absolutely not! whether you?re level 1 or 50, the 2nd fleet does not
discriminate in any way shape or form, including your rank. Whether
you?ve been around since Star Trek Online was in Beta, or this post
being part of your first experience of the game, if you?re active and
committed to what you are doing - the 2nd fleet is the place for you.

How do I join?
It?s easy - Simply go to our website 2nd-fleet.org and click ?Enlist.?
Now before enlisting there are some things you should know about
before enlisting.

There is a 30-day provisional period before becoming ensign of the
2nd fleet. To be promoted to ensign (acknowledging that you are an
official member of the fleet) you must attend four fleet events upon
which are held daily at various times that is convenient for all members
across the globe. For more information, please consult with your
personnel officer.
Note: Uniforms are only required during events, and meetings and not mandated outside the fleet.

What are some of the benefits to joining the 2nd Fleet?
Daily Queues
Weekly Fleet Meetings
Mission Assistance
Three Echelons
  • Tactical
  • Science
  • Engineering

Taking part of an echelon has great benefits and you can learn from them, as well as educating others. Your skills in-game and in real life can greatly contribute to your echelon.

More information
For more information about the fleet and the process of recruiting and integration, email your esteemed recruiter at recruiting@2nd-fleet.org

The 2nd Fleet - Second to none

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