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Yo folks. As the title says, I've a complaint with the Lobi store. Why do I choose to make it here? Simple. Lobi is earned through opening lockboxes or DOFF packs, both of which are purchased with C-Store credits. As a result, if I choose to go after anything on the Lobi store, I'm paying real cash for it. And what I hate the most is when the items I have shelled out cash for don't even work with my character.

What's the problem in question? Earrings. There are three varieties available in the Lobi store's costume section: Dangling, Backed and Intertwined. Each cost thirty crystals each, and depending on your luck with boxes, you're looking at spending anywhere between one and three thousand C-Store points to attain them, which roughly translates to about thirty pounds.

Now, I'm all for spending this amount of cash to get some stuff to make my toon look a little bit different from all the rest. But the problem is that the earrings don't actually work for all races, namely, the Caitians and Ferasans, two races which also cost cash to unlock. Why is this the case, and more importantly, why is it NOT stated on the boxes for the earrings that they CANNOT be used on Caitan and Ferasan characters? Making this simple change to the item would do so much to stop players wasting cash and lobi crystals on unusable cosmetic items. Or even better, why are the earrings unusable in the first place? Surely this is something that should have been fixed by now!

What do you folks think? This complaint reasonable?
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04-08-2013, 03:36 PM
It is not an unreasonable request. It is simply a request that is quite low on the priority scale.

When you factor the percentage of players playing a Cat-race, then factor in the percentage who are playing a female Cat-race, then factor in the players who have Lobi, then factor in the players who will want the earrings, well, you're probably not looking at a number with a lot of zeroes in it. So unless a Dev stumbles across this thread and has some free time, it's probably not going to be a quick fix.
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