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I've played on and off since launch. Never to any great degree though. Last serious time was quite a while ago. I ran space STFs (Normal) to get myself a bit of gear on my then only L50 character.

I'm back now and have been playing obsessively for the last week. I now have two science and one engineer flying a science, escort and cruiser all at level 50 and all doing space STFs.

I'm looking at sorting out my builds so I can suck less (I'm not terrible. Just inexperienced). I've looked around a bit but most of the guides I can find (Especially on the forum here) are really old and given the amount of changes since launch I'm reluctant to rely on them without advice.

I'm flying a Chimera, Odessey (The free one) and a Vesta. What are the go to sites for learning how everything works and interlocks? Example builds and stuff? I can sit there and pew pew fine for now in normals but I want to pew pew good. Currently waiting a few days to unlock Omega tier 1 so mostly dilithium and exchange bought gear.

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