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I have been reading about diffrent cruiser builds and I dont understand the Aux to Batt builds or the DEM 1 & 2 with BO2 and 3. I read with the DEM and BO builds there is a Doff (Mason Dumar) or something that has to go with it. And certian Doffs you need with the Aux to Batt builds. Can some one explain how this build works? Or what its advantages are? I have a Fleet Assualt that I loaded up with Spiral Cardassian Phasers and a wide angle quant torp and BO2 and 3 and DEM 2 and 3 and aux to batt 2 with 2 copies of the DEM doff and I dont understand how the build is suppose to work correctly. And feedback would be helpful.
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03-26-2013, 05:44 AM
The doff's name is Marion Frances Dulmur and basically while DEM is active your weapons don't drain power even with BO so its to counter act the power drain and Aux 2 bat with certain technician doffs reduces cool down of boff powers by up to a third.
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03-26-2013, 05:49 AM
I have not used BO much outside of dual beams on a cannon build.

But check my signature below of an example of an Aux2Bat build. It works by using technician doffs which reduce all boff skill cooldowns whenever an Aux2Bat is used. With 2 copies, they cooldown each other too, speeding up the whole process.

I have not integrated DEM or Marion into this build (yet); but it would be a smart idea, as the main problem with DEM (its cooldown) is removed. Marion then applies the mini Nadion Inversion quite often (perhaps once a minute), opening the way for some good Beam Overload spammage.
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03-26-2013, 06:01 AM
DEM is useless, since you have to pierce to shields after its over, so in comparison you wont get better results.

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03-26-2013, 06:05 AM
Actually with double A2B, two purple technicians are enough. You will hit the system cooldown anyway with most skills.
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03-26-2013, 06:12 AM
A Systems Engineer doff named Dulmur adds 8 seconds of weapon drain resistance to DEM. DEM isn't terribly useful on its own; but on a beamboat cruiser, having your weapons power pegged at 125 for eight seconds is pretty nice. Is it worth the expense of the doff and a power tray position? Maybe, maybe not.

Aux to Battery is an ability that drains your aux power and puts that power in the other three subsystems for a few seconds. Some abilities rely on aux power, so you don't want use A2B if you use those powers. But by itself, A2B can be useful sometimes.

However, in combination with Technician doffs, A2B goes from merely "useful sometimes" to extremely useful all the time. A very rare Technician reduces the CD on all boff abilities by 10% when A2B is triggered. These doffs stack to three, which means potentially a -30% to power cooldowns. On a cruiser, with two copies of A2B (they share only a ten second CD between themselves), triggering this every time you can means you will run every boff power you have at its system or shared cooldown.

Essentially, this duplicates every boff ability on the ship.
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03-26-2013, 06:28 AM
Aux to Batt converts your aux power into power for other subsystems for a short period of time.

The doff that is used with aux to batt is a technician doff. It reduces timers on boff abilities.

Use: Pump up your weapon, shield and engine power at the expense of your auxiliary and lower your timers.

DEM: It adds shield penetrating damage to energy attacks.

The doff you mention adds a reduction in the power consumption of weapons when they fire. This means your weapons will do higher sustained damage.

BO is a beam array attack that does huge damage but DRAINS your weapon power. Aka, it has a high power cost.

The doff in question lowers timers on beam attacks by up to 20s (if doff is purple). Regular wait time for re-using this ability is 30 seconds.

Use: The doff makes the beam overload attack available much faster.

Combination of these doffs and abilities:

Run your ship with high weapon power (90) and at least 40 aux.

If its a cruiser like your Regent cruiser for example, you can equip:

Commander Engineer:
Emg to weapon 1
Aux to Batt 1
Aux to Batt 2
Directed Energy modulation 3

Lt Cmd Tactical:
Beam Overload 3
Torpedo High Yield 2
Tac Team 1

Ensign Tactical:
High Yield 1

Lt Engineering:
Emg to Shield 1
Reverse Shield Polarity

Lt Sci:
Tractor Beam 1
Hazard 2

With the purple BO doff, purple DEM doff and purple aux to batt doff... and 2 emg-to-X power bonus doffs...

What you do in combat is this:

get inside 5km of target. Your beams do most damage then and you can tractor them (not yet though)

Load up high yield 2 but dont fire it yet. Wait until you can also activate high yield 1 (15 seconds later).

Once you have both high yields loaded and waiting you have 15 seconds left to fire before you lose high yield 2.

This is when you do the combo attack:

1- Tractor target.
2- Activate DEM
3- Activate EMG to Weapon

--- at this point your target is snared (-heavy defense penalty which will make your weapons hit tons harder) + your ship's weapon power levels have increased to 120'ish AND the duty officer effects have kicked in:

Emg to Wep may have kicked in extra power boost, DEM has triggered reduction in power cost for weapon abilities. Emg to wep may have also triggered boost in all power systems.

5- Activate Beam Overload 3

--- POW. Your target takes a MASSIVE damage beam overload hit to what is left of its shields. The beam overload doff kicks in and lowers the timer to just 10 seconds for next use of beam overload.

Because of the DEM doff, the weapon power did not drain to 0 but to about half power (40ish).

6- Fire torpedoes. Target has no shield left from the beam overload. Fire both volleys in.

7- Wait until there are 5 seconds left before your beam overload 3 is ready to be used again.

8- activate aux to batt 2

your weapon power level is now jumped back up from low 40s (from BO drain) to full 125 power... just in time because in just a couple more seconds your BO3 is ready to be used again.

NOTE: DEM has 30 second duration so it is still active and so is the duty officer effect.

Aux to Batt reduces timers on torps and beam overload!

9- Load High yield 2 (its ready to be used gain by now!)

10- Fire BO3 again. Fire High yield 2.

Repeat #7-9 using aux to batt 1. This is all you have left of your DEM +DEM Doff 30-second effect duration.

You have in essence:

Fired 3 beam overloads @125 power in 30 seconds.
Fired 4 high yield torpedo volleys into target in 30 seconds
Increased your power levels constantly so your shields, engine and weapons are at high power the entire time. Emg to X doff may have even kicked in and boosted them to 125/100/100/70(when aux to batt hasnt drained it).

It looks complicated to do but its really simple once you get the sequence set.

Just be sure to set your ship weapons properly too.

Personally I use a fool-proof weapon setup...

Fore: 1 Dual beam array, 2 torpedoes (quantum), 1 turret
Aft: 4 turrets

Seems odd but there's a logic to it. The turrets consume very little power and hit 360. They benefit more from DEM than any other weapon as well. I approach firing the dual beam in autofire then, when the torpedoes are dual-loaded I turn nose to target and begin step #1.

I tried using full beam arrays and just 2 dual fore and 4 beam arrays aft but the power loss and in-combat control of which beam array would fire the BO3 was too complex.

In any case, the turrets with DEM do as much through-shield damage as a regular beam array does, inflict status effect faster (I use disruptor/polaron hybrids) and allows me to simply point nose to target when firing my BO's.

Works pretty darn well.

This is an expensive combo too as the beam attack Doff is very,very expensive.
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# 8
03-26-2013, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
DEM is useless, since you have to pierce to shields after its over, so in comparison you wont get better results.
The point of DEM with the DOff is not to bypass shields, but to resist power drain from the DOff's ability.

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03-26-2013, 09:51 AM
DEM doesn't do horrible damage either, if you use cannons. Beams... yeah... beams are their own thread...

It might not be great on its own, but combined with CRF and a doff it is a pretty potent. People make the mistake of comparing it to cannon skills instead of realizing that you can use both at the same time.

Every little bit helps. I typically would slot EWP insead, but once you have it loaded, what are you going to use your eng skills for? Tanking? Isn't every other thread about how DPS is king and tanking is dead?

When I'm speccing out a cruiser for damage, DEM is in the mix on its own merits. The doff just seals the deal.
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# 10
03-26-2013, 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by westx211 View Post
...and basically while DEM is active your weapons don't drain power even with BO...

DEM = 30s duration.

DEM doff bonus = 8s duration.


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