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So, you see that subforum FAAAR below called "PC and Technical Issues?" (Yes, it actually exists! It's no illusion...)

Yeah? Well, apparently since the patch on the 14th, a lot of players have been having connection issues. And no, it's NOT on their end. There has only been ONE dev response regarding this issue. Since then, we've gotten absolutely NOTHING about the status of this particular problem. No update on how it's going or if any steps are being taken to correct it.

For more than a week, people have been posting about their connection issues and offering whatever information they can for Cryptic's and PWE's network engineers to use. What have they gotten in return?


So, what's the deal Cryptic? PWE? Why not give us a simple update on the situation? People would like some acknowledgement that you guys are actually aware of this problem and are working on a solution.

And FYI, these problems cannot persist. This has been an ongoing problem that Cryptic or Perfect World do not take seriously. It would be in your best interests to seek a permanent resolution to these ISP issues. You know, if you want people to keep playing and keep investing in ANY Cryptic or Perfect World games for the foreseeable future...

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03-25-2013, 05:14 PM
Fix the internets!
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sorry but the sad truth is that cryptic and pwe don't care about this game. there are still bugs in this game dating back to closed beta so don't get your hopes up. most likely it won't get fixed for another 3 years. it's sad I know but that's the companies track record.

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