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How are you supposed to see a scoreboard or tell how you placed in PVE queues (like Starbase 24)? I keep getting purple items but it never tells me what place I'm in, and no one in zone chat on the Earth Starbase has any idea either. Or, more likely, they're unhelpful.

Is there some keybind to bring up a scoreboard? The only "answer" anyone gave me was that it would appear in the chat window around where it says what items I received, and what Dil I was awarded. It doesn't, and this is all it says for some distance either up or down the chat history.
[NumericReceived] You received 45 Expertise

Skill Point +22

[NumericReceived] You received 19 Expertise

[ItemReceived] Item acquired: Tetryon Turret Mk VI [CrtD]x2 [Dmg]

[ItemReceived] Item acquired: Neutrino Deflector Array Mk V [InC] [Em] [Sen]

[NumericReceived] You received 480 Dilithium Ore

Skill Point +3

[NumericReceived] You received 3 Expertise


So, any thoughts?

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I don't know about Starbase 24 as I've never done that one, but in Crystal Entity it shows in the end reward window, but only if you placed in the top three. I don't know of a way, if there even is one, to see an actual scoreboard.
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All fleet actions reward captains that place in the top 3 with 2 purps for first, one purp for second and one blue for third...everyone else get a a green..

A fleet action is a special event that usually has 10+ players,

There should be a window that pop a up at the end of the Fleet action that says what place you were, unless you placed fourth or lower. If you are spamming your loot key, you may exit out of this window before you get a chance to see.

You can always determine your ranking by what loot you received
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07-29-2013, 06:17 AM
One thing I was never quite sure of is if "Top 3" was for the entire map, or for your specific 5-man team. So for instance in Klingon Scout Force, you have 20 people in 4x teams of 5. So are there 4 1st place rewards (one on each team), or just one for the whole map? I tend to think it's per team, as otherwise it should be a lot harder to place. I tend to place even when testing new builds and doing badly.

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