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I've played an official mission before where I donned a personal holo emitter to make myself appear like a Klingon. Is there any way to accomplish this in the Foundry? I'm working on a mission that involves a first contact situation, and it would be really great to be able to have the PCs disguise themselves as the natives like they did all the time on the show(s). I've tried searching the forums and Google, but either no information exists on this or I just haven't been using the right search queries.
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03-26-2013, 04:45 PM
There is no way to accomplish this at the moment other than putting something like this in the dialogue "You are now disguised as a Breen soldier, use your imagination". It's something that would be wonderful to have and that we've asked for many times and been told that it would be very complicated to put in the Foundry.

Like anything else it takes dev time, and their time is focused elsewhere atm. Hopefully that won't always be the case and we'll get some more love someday.
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03-26-2013, 04:46 PM
Aww, that's a shame. Thanks for responding!
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03-26-2013, 05:22 PM
It's been discussed and Zeronius said that it'd be really hard to make work right. Oh and that the Cryptic missions that do this are among the missions that were hardest to make work right.

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