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Hello everyone

i know autonomous regenration sequencer is very usefull, but:

what do you think about the Omega's Tetryon Glider ?
and what about the Adapted MACO's Tactical Readiness ?

which one is better on a fleet armitage ?
which one on the charal (kumari) ?

I run the armitage this way:

1 - Photon
3 - Phaser DHC

1 - Photon
2 - Phaser Turrets

4 Photon Detonation Assembly / Phaser Relays

3 Neutronium Alloy

3 Field Generators


3 - Phaser DHC
2 - Phaser DC

2 - Phaser Turrets

4 - Phaser Relays

4 - Neutronium Alloy

2 - Field Generator

For the Charal, i am torn beetween theese combs:
Elite Fleet Shield
Borg Engine
Borg Dish

Elite Fleet Shields
Omega Engine
Omega Dish

For the Armitage ... well, i am not sure if is better as torpedo boat (with Adapted MACO / Borg) or Cannon Boat (Omega / Borg)

Also, i would like to have the Omega Weapon's Amplifier (from the Omega Adapted Borg Set), but i don't know if its usefull and how it works.

can you answer all my questions ?
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04-09-2013, 08:48 AM
I'd personally go for Adapted MACO Deflector/Engines as soon as possible, with a Mark XII MACO Resilient Shield, or Elite Fleet, depending on preference.

On the Armitage I'd get rid of the rear torpedo launcher and no matter whether you mount torps or not, always fill the tac consoles with whatever boosts your energy weapon of choice.

I'd personally toss three of the Neutronium Alloy consoles to slot Assimilated Module, Tachyokinetic Converter, and Zero Point Energy Modulator. The Weapon Amplifier proc is absolutely worth it, I'd slot a cutting beam in place of the aft torpedo launcher.

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