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# 1 unable to install game
03-27-2013, 03:30 AM
As subject says I am unable to install the latest version of STO. Previous version Launcher began failing after last major patch during the Romulan Announcement. I ran into this issue before and resolustion was to uninstall and do a fresh install.

I have tried the direct download and the torrent version of the latest installation files available on the site. Upon downloading the setup file double click it and get a popup asking if I want the program to make changes. Click yes and then nothing happens when usually the installation usually begins.

I've went into the file and tried to run it as an administrator and so far nothing is working. Now I'm here looking for suggestions. I have my base PC stats below but doubt they have anything to do with this. Any help would be greatful.

Windows 8
4 gb RAM
64 bit OS
Processor: Intel Core I5-320M CPU@ 2.50 GHZ

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