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Brannon Braga thinks so!

From SYFY.com via Trekmovie.com

The best possible thing the fans could do is, if they want to see another season of Enterprise, is watch it on Netflix ? My neighbor produces Arrested Development, and they?re making a new season of Arrested Development. I recall him telling me that it?s because for that show, they know they?re gonna get? they have data! They know a certain number of people are going to watch that show. I?ve heard rumors in town that the CBS show Jericho might get another season, because the numbers on Netflix are big! Watch Enterprise!

So, if that is true, then why not watch all the Trek Shows, why settle for just one show, let CBS know we want more new shows. What say you all?
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03-27-2013, 05:21 AM
Keeping in kind he no longer has any connection to trek, its just one guys opinion, but yes as a rule if a network sees something is popular then they will capitalise.

watching trek in huge numbers will be a big help, but I suspect the whole business with the films is taking precedent. once they do the third one im pretty sure they will make a new show in some capacity. I'm pretty sure they want to make a new show, but are cautious of over using trek like in the past.

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# 3
03-27-2013, 05:24 AM
Oh hell yes! I don't have netflix (don't even know if you can get it in the UK) but I hope, hope HOPE we get new seasons. And Manny Coto is back in charge. So we get the awesomeness of season 4 (and the show doing what it was meant to do) carry on. And it carries from from the Terra Nova episodes, compeltely ignoring EVERYTHING that was said to have happened in the past 10 years from These Are the Voyagers.

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03-27-2013, 05:24 AM
I only really want more episodes of Enterprise, since it didn't really have an end. I actually really enjoyed Enterprise. If this is true, though I think I have seen this same post in some other forum about some other show, also mentioning Arrested Development and with the same ? instead of apostrophes. >.>

However; if this is legit and not some sort of spam/bot or whatever, I would rather have new Trek. Which I think will happen after the JJverse trilogy.
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03-27-2013, 05:26 AM
Before the JJ Movies, there was an animated Trek in development.
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03-27-2013, 05:28 AM
If the did this, then it'd likely be viewed as a testbed for a series. If it works and is successful then CBS would likely bring Trek back to TV. I don't however think it'll be set in this new Universe as that will likely remain reserved for the films.

I dont however want a new series of Enterprise, I'd rather Netflix spent the money on doing a two hour TV movie for it covering the Romulan War. Maybe bring the crew back after seven years apart from each other in a new refit NX-01? I'm just specualting of course. End of the day I think it'd be better for Netflix and Star Trek if they spent more money on a TV movie, then a smaller budget on a number of episodes.
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03-27-2013, 05:31 AM
Cool idea, but they really should make it more available in other regions if they want to do this, I can't watch Enterprise on Netflix here, infact they only have 4 of the movies and 2 of the original series seasons available :-/

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03-27-2013, 05:45 AM
Netflix has brought a new season of Arrested Development, but honestly, I think he's overestimating what Netflix can actually do. Arrested Development is the end product of Netflix's entire existence - ever since they launched their streaming service they've been trying to get an original show, or a cancelled show to continue, so they could say they were a real content producer and not just a reseller.

Sarah Conner Chronicles, Terra Nova, Farscape, dozens of one or two season sitcoms with promise but no follow through, a few longer running sitcoms that went downhill after a couple bad seasons (they'd supposedly looked at Scrubs after it changed networks and had that awful last season) at one point they were even trying to get a second chance for Seaquest DSV, because I guess the license is dirt cheap at this point and there's still two or three people in the world who care what happened after the aliens abducted the ship.

Their success rate for years or trying is one season of one show, and even that one only got made because a movie was already in production and the episodes are being filmed on the movie's budget and released for publicity.

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03-27-2013, 10:19 AM
I was thinking this idea is nothing but gold in the bank to me. After all companies like Netflix make alot of money off the streaming side of the business, so why not take advantage of it but supporting new shows.

1. You can have smaller 1st run type shows, with little know actors, but they are good shows.

2. You can bring back cancelled shows for 1 or 2 more season on streaming only, that way you can end the stories right. This would end the drop it with no ending. I hate that.

3. It gives the public more options for what type of shows they want to see, and they will vote by give real numbers in viewership, and not based in the area of sampling.

Show's like Tera Nova shound find their way onto plateforms like a Netflix, I know I for one would watch it, plus the fact you can watch it anytime, no need to set a DVR to record a time slot, the best part of it all.

You know this is like the thinking of internet speeds, other places in the world have faster connections, but the companies here keep saying. Well the public doesn't ask for it, so........ I mean really, if it's out there, why not give it to us to use?!?!? So when it comes to shows that get the AX, and there not that bad of a show, why not bring it back in this format? Do we really need to ask for this to happen too?
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# 10
03-27-2013, 11:46 PM
I think Hulu might work better (you know, international and stuff) but I would rather watch more of Enterprise rather than a JJTrek based series. Particularly if they do that badass sounding Kzinti episode they were planning on.

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