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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
While I'd love to see some more challenging content, I don't think the current game mechanics could handle anything we had/have in WoW (or games like it).
What's sad is WoW came out around 04-05, this game only 3 years ago and WoW game mechanics are still better? lol Think they should've re-think their approach to the making of this game a little better.

I agree with the OP on the fact that the game is boring for those who are the "nerd" gamers as someone put it. I mostly like to focus on one toon and I already finished all the rep stuff months before most of my casual fleet mate players did. It's to the point where I'm so bored with the game right now I'm counting the days just for one content patch. lol I pretty much just do my dailies and go do something else with my time.

You got to have something in a game that isn't just a resource pit with an end to actually call "content". I would love to see a longer raid like a STF where you and your fleet can spend quite a bit of time doing, without it being nothing but a DPS race like every other PVE content in this game. They use timers as a lazy way to make things difficult, so that they don't go over-board. The hive for example would be an awesome STF if it also wasn't another status quo of the DPS race that they think is considered "fun".

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd like them to add something that I can't finish completely within a month but at the same time isn't trying to bankrupt me that also has replay value. lol If that's asking too much then sorry.

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Originally Posted by akurie666 View Post
Perhaps it does not have to be as grand in scale as a Wow raid but a challenging scenario with a boss who isn't a push over is called for. In Champions, during certain events, if the boss wipes your team it ends the event and you have to Q again.
What is there was a small colony that was under attack by the borg or w/e defending key points and protecting colonist would be the first objective. If you loose so many colonist the mission is falied, and if the boss manages to wipe out your team the mission is failed ala Champions. Make it very difficult and add a small chance for the boss to drop a unique item found no where else.
There are many creative paths that do not require a lot of dev time or effort that could be pursued to provide a unique challenge for the most skilled players.
Like say the current No Win Scenario that offers a unique accolade/title and is actually semi challenging perhaps?

Bah, I give up on you.

Originally Posted by rinkster View Post

Bareel knows his onions.
I thank you for the compliment and teaching me a new phrase!
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see, i told you that bringing up the "W" word would cause ranting all over your thread.

STO has still lots of potential to implement PVE group content and PVP maps/ is no shame in takinf concepts for those from other games including WOW.

personally i'd love to see a "DOTA-like" PVP map...reworked kerrat where borg actually made sense
Some new STFs with a story arc...

elite modes for certain missions like azura nebula
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03-29-2013, 04:29 AM
Well this was entertaining.
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It's a shame that the only intelligent thing from the OP is the thread title, because personally I agree this game is missing end game content. If you really want to nerd it out you can pretty much go from 1-50 in a few days and really don't even need to bother with the episode missions to do it. But that's also were the true problem with this game begins.

The tutorial shouldn't just be about how to play the game, but should also introduce players to the back and current story. Why is the federation at war with the klingons, how did the borg get such a foothold in our part of the universe, etc. Forget the endless grind of the "end game" for a moment and really look at the whole game, and you'll see where the real problems are.

Star Trek takes a ship, a crew and through the storylines you experience their adventures, struggles, development, downfalls, redemption and so many other aspects of "daily life" and again all through the storytelling in each episode/season. The storyline in STO is nothing more than a disconnected 1-50 mess that you can completely skip and/or never finish.

How many of you even know that there's a promotion ceremony mission? There's no explaination as to why the missions you're going on are important story wise or even why you go from fighting Klingons to fighting Romulans to Cardassians...etc.

every episode mission should have the backstory to it and at the end of that episode chain there should be something linking it to the next chain of episodes. Right now the only one that comes close to any of that is the 2800 series where you go to DS9 for a conference and then the Dominion forces reappear so they become priority and then you go about fighting them for awhile. There's not even a cease fire between the Federation and Klingons while you have to stop to go deal with the Borg.

I know this seems to have nothing to do with the discussion of "end game content", but in actuality it has everything to do with it. If you don't even have a cohesive story from 1-50 then how can you possible create anything to keep players interested after lvl 50. The simple short answer is, you can't, and that's why we have the endless grind of meaningless dribble that is the current end game content.
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I'd like to see some more group queue missions. They're bringing back CE, and that's good, but more variety would be nice.

Also, some 10 player missions would be nice. Even in a large and active fleet, organizing 20-man fleet actions is very difficult sometimes, but 5-man is too small.
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I don't think a single STO player will honestly say, 'no, we don't need more endgame content' but OP, it doesn't need be YOUR idea. You are coming off as a complete turd, and the WoW mentality is most certainly not welcome here. I left WoW and came here to stay, because this game (for me) does so many things right. Players of other MMOs shouldn't barge in here and demand THIS game be changed to cater to what YOU are used to, learn and enjoy the new or get off the ride. That being said, there be room for improvement, and we do lack a proper endgame. I would love to have some bigger and badder endgame content added.

STF's are okay, but there are not enough of them. I would support the idea of making a weekly mission of the 'old STF's' available to challenge, that would be awesome. I wasn't around for this and the idea of having space and ground together in one big mission sounds like a blast. I put Terradome teams together to play such content! I don't care about the rewards, I've got myself mostly geared out anyway, I want to challenge harder content and USE the stuff I have. And PvP doesn't count, I never have been much of a PvPer. I know I am not alone in this feeling. It just doesn't appeal to me and is not what I would call true endgame content.

But we have an expansion coming! Who knows what challenges await us there? I look forward to it and hope we can have the option of longer and more difficult endgame encounters! Bring on some boss baddies and epic style STFs, I'll be ready to give 'em all I got!

P.S. to any dev that might read this: cheap one-shots DO NOT equal challenge. Be a bit more creative in that area please.
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Quite frankly the end game is perfect for those of us who have a life. I have a wife, two kids, and a job. I no longer have the time or desire to spend hours upon hours away from my family for a digital trinket. STO has offered a way for me to obtain end game rewards with as little as an hour a day commitment. It's refreshing to see a game company take a stand and say, our rewards are obtainable by even the most casual player.

Please, step away from your computer, and enjoy your life, and your significant other.
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On one hand, I agree with Ravin, it is nice to have a game that itsn't going to kill me if I step away for a bit, or an hour, or a day, or even a week.

I also agree with voicesdark, about the overall lack of story in the game, and it shoudl be found in there somewhere other than a guessing game, and should be expanded on. Honestly, if I care to, I should care about something in this game other than how much DPS I put out. I should have the option to care about why we aren't finghting the KDF anymore, or how we kinda are but not, or whatever it is. Some missions do this better than most, but they are never tied together.

But on the other hand, I also think that there should be something in the game, that is not a resource sink, that would eventually give me something unique that I can use in the game. Like maybe a quest story line that is personal, maybe career specific, where I go here and there, following some trail of story and at the end of it, I get something special. Maybe make one for five players, so a group can do the same thing.

For example, EvE Online has a series of missions linked by story that take you out to a high risk area of space and at the end, you get a special ship. Or SWTOR has their group missions that aren't that hard or take that long (at least the one's I've been on) and that give you a shot at unique loot. But I would vote for something like that, solo or group content, with a decent story, and a special reward. Maybe split up into 15 minute chunks for easy playing. Not like half the end game content we have now where its go here and blow stuff up, or even worse, the chunks of story that got butchered when the STFs were split up.
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I once suggested a DOTA style map. I think that is an exellent idea.

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