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Originally Posted by tribbleorlfl View Post
To me, the problem in the current mk xii process isn't so much the random nature of the quality or console type, it?s the terribly inconsistent rate the ?Negotiate Additional Deliveries doff mission shows up. We?ve been told the CD on this mission I believe is 5 days to a week or so. Why then, has it been over 2 weeks since I last saw this mission? At one point around the holidays, it was one solid month before I saw it again. It is an Uncommon mission, nog Rare or Very Rare, so it should be more frequent. It?s also been quite some time since I got a Strange Alien Artifact as a Crit on one of the Sector Artifact missions.

I think if the Strange Alien artifacts dropped more, it would lessen the rub of getting a green sci console. Just try again next week. Perfect world (pun intended), they would add a vendor to DS9 (maybe a shady Ferengi in Quark?s) where you could pick up the ?Negotiate? doff mission on a set CD (kind of like the doff cadres w/ the personnel officer @ the academies), or even buy the alien artifacts out right for dil.
I see NADORC often enough. Just saw one 2 days ago. If you haven't seen one in over 2 weeks, you're just in the wrong place at wrong time. Also, you can always buy them off the exchange. Prices are low right now since there's a glut of them on the market due to the recent doff pack sale.

As for making the acquisition of Mark XII consoles easier, who would NOT want this. Of course everyone would like to be able to get their hands on them with less effort. However, the devs have said before (and this was way back when Heretic was still around), that the goal was to make these consoles actually VERY RARE (contrary to some 'very rare' items that actually are quite common). That's why they put in a 3 day cooldown on NADORC. That's why they made getting one a random drop. That's why in the best case scenario with all the right purple quality doffs, the crit success chance is only 20 some percent chance. If the devs wanted to see more of these in game, they could easily adjust any one of these factors. But I think this is the way it is going to be until we get a level cap raise, and we start seeing these consoles drop in regular PVE gameplay.
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I can speak with experience on the issue of console crafting. For about a month, maybe a month and a half now I've run crafting teams on 6 toons at once, typically resulting in 2 to 3 crafting cycles per day.

Also, for several months I have periodically made a survey of the prices of all MK12 Purple consoles and many mk12 blues, to calculate the EV for crafting, and determine whether it is a profitable activity. It is.

I have seen no evidence, either in my own work or in threads on the topic here on the forums, that there is any reason to disbelieve that the process is truly random.

Making money at console crafting is all but guaranteed if you do it on a proper scale.

Remember that there are 126 possible outcomes to console crafting, and that while the EV is high and positive, to see substantial benefits requires a significant commitment.

Whether console crafting is the best use of time and energy is certainly up for debate. But it is a way to invest a lot of EC into a profitable activity, with a predictable and safe rate of return, rather than just let it sit in the bank.


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