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03-30-2013, 04:45 PM
I say let the lowbies in ONLY if the difficulty is lowered to their level. I'll gladly cake-walk and get Mk 1 gear as long as my Marks are the same. But when I warp in and see 3 Mirandas (yes, it happened) I just leave. With that much lowbie goodness, we ain't gonna get past wave 2.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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03-30-2013, 05:25 PM
I say level gate it. It works for mirror event, so why not for this one?

One point to do with the lowbies that hasn't been brought up in this thread is the loot table. If you have 4 VA and 1 lowbie, the loot table will end up being skewered. You'll end up with a load of low level gear being thrown out on the need/pass table and not everyone looks at that thing, they just hit "need".
It's rather frustrating looking at the items I got in the game, only to notice that one or more items are mk ii
I don't mind carrying a lowbie or even two, especially when I'm on my tac toon. The event is dps focused as such, engineers and science officers may struggle to carry lowbies.

Perhaps a compromise is in order. If a fleet could create a private queue for a fleet event, they could invite whoever they please, regardless of level no? That would please the individuals on here who (foolishly in my opinion) cry "FREEDOM" and the level gating of the pug queues would please those individuals who think a lowbie doesn't belong there.

The place where lowbies really get on my nerves is the borg red alerts. It really grinds my gears when I warp in, only to see a group of mirandas warping in with me. Now THERE is something that could use fixing/level gating
Originally Posted by virusdancer
ARC: A way to Redeem Codes
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03-30-2013, 07:44 PM
Gate qualifying would allow higher level players to play only with people of a similar level. Already a game mechanic in place too. Players have to be Lvl 44 to start playing STFs. Players also have to be lvl 50 to play in Tau Dewa. Shouldn't be hard to adapt. This ought to keep alleged 'Elite players' happy until they find something new to throw a hissy fit about. It also probably would cut down significantly the large numbers of "We Hate Newbies!" threads. Which are tiresome and repetitive.

BTW, I see nothing at all foolish about freedom. Whether speaking about STO or Real Life.
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03-30-2013, 08:17 PM
In theory a group of 5 Lt. in Miranda class ships should be able to finish a fleet event,in theory.However,the mere scaling up from Lt. to VA level just doesn't work,they are still limited by their ship's capabilities.A solution could be to give each player NPC support that is scaled to their rank and ship tier,so instead of each Lt. going at it alone,they would get 3 tier 1 or tier 2 NPC ships to help them.
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03-30-2013, 09:11 PM
Originally Posted by captainoblivous View Post
I say level gate it. It works for mirror event, so why not for this one?
Mirror event is different. It rewards Dilithium and Gear. It also gives you a lot of XP to help with leveling up your characters faster. The Fleet events that reward marks are not worth enough for a full group of low level players to all play together. Heck even some of the missions that give Dilithium and gear like Breaking the Planet or Gorn Minefield can take a wile to get enough people to play them and they give better rewards. If you limit the Fleet actions to people of the same rank you will end up killing lower level characters from helping their fleet starbase.

To many selfish people not thinking or caring about lower level players. This game needs to be more friendly to them not less.
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03-30-2013, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by momaw View Post
1.) Low-level players are a detriment to the completion of the mission.

2.) Excluding low-level players from playing with their fleet is not fun.

3.) In order to not be a handicap, low-level players need to bring more to the fight than their own ship.

Originally Posted by momaw View Post
c: Tier the public queues such that low-level players in public queues play with themselves unless they are grouped with a higher level player, but let a fleet do whatever the heck they want in their own parties. I'm perfectly fine with dragging a level 1 player on my fleet as fact, I'd rather have an actual fleet member simply functioning as load than some filthy mutant, since it means at least we still get paid. Every non-fleet member in a fleet event is a 20% pay hit. It's so bad that I would rather do the event with 2 players and 3 of me AFKing on a side computer than play with 5 and a -60% pay cut.

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03-30-2013, 11:15 PM
idk mirandas blowing up in fleet actions is cannon lol

but in all seriousness it does get annoying when you get 2 or 3 in an event. 1 can be manageable

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03-31-2013, 02:17 AM
Id rather see 3 mirandas than a single Galor

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