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03-28-2013, 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
The powers are there and the keybinds work, but I can't see the icons. Also, every window is transparent for me. I can literally see through them to my character or ship. I think a lot of things are basically broken for people with low graphics settings.
yea after I posted that I checked on low settings and windows are more transparent.Devs probably made it for high settings because it really looks good and to see that transparency you need to search it .Also contrast is better now because the UI is using less bloom.It would be cool if we'd have a on/off switch for that aero effect .

btw some parts of the UI (exchange ) look more like Windows 8 Metro
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03-28-2013, 10:46 PM
I've created the following thread to report the transparency issues and missing icons. I have included screenshots.
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03-28-2013, 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by captaind3 View Post
I have to agree, the transparency is beautiful to a degree, but there needs to be shading so one can differentiate what you're looking at. I spent five minutes hunting through the options for an opacity slider.

The Aeroglass look is gorgeous and lets you see more of the screen, but at the moment it's WAY too transparent. I had issues reading everything.

I am also not seeing any icons in inventory, trays, or anywhere else.

I would also like to see the bars back on the sliders in the character creator, I use those for guidelines.
We have almost exactly the same complaints.
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03-28-2013, 11:20 PM
Loving the new UI look much nicer and eye friendly than the one we have now especially if your playing in the dark, did see a few bugs might post on them a bit later, but for now just enjoying the look of the UI, look forward to future updates to come.

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03-28-2013, 11:43 PM

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Originally Posted by qultuq View Post
This + 1.

I am really nervous about this new HUD, team. I don't think it is doing what you want it to do at all. There is too much padding so it looks bulky compared to the fluid curved lines of the current design. The font or the character spacing feels a lot better, but again as with the larger more iconic buttons the new lettering takes up a lot more space, it doesn't match the text on the load screens etc.

Boxes are abound like in character portraits, although this creates a nice continuity with doff portraits and look less WoW-esque, but i think the curved boxes are more standard because they look more fluid and are less jarring on the eyes. The hard lines break up the space instead of sitting on top of it.

The new colors are nice, but it feels like there is less continuity and design aesthetic which may be a problem. It also looks less lcars which is a problem for star trek fans (who may no longer be your primary audience any more. I don't have your metrics)

Also in the new character creator you said you want to stream line it to make it more accessible. what you have with the face icons is good, but the screen is a lot more busy, which can cause confusion. I hope you are running this stuff on test groups before you redo everything and make it more difficult and confusing to new players.

As someone who has studied media design, these incongruities really make me nervous about the final product, for your sake. I would play it if the whole thing looked like one of taco fangs ms paint files, but i am not a potential new player.

Additionally, It could just be because I am used to the old ui, so it feels more jarring to me than it would for someone who has just been introduced to it. But if this is to help retain new consumers you need to be very careful with continuity and function. a good ui is one that blends into the background of the game interface not one that screams over it.
you clearly miss that this its the same UI with a different skin and less bloom (which is good if you pvp ...bloom was one of the reasons people got UI lag in pvp ).I want a new UI with improved functions as delete all mail ,better exchange categories for boffs /doffs ,boff list and categories (if you have over 20 the list is really long and you cant get any order) ,etc....that would be a new UI ,this one is got a new LCARS skin .

lol at "it looks less LCARS" .Im sure the old one looked more LCARS

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03-29-2013, 12:54 AM
Of course I can notice the difference between an aesthetic and functional change to an interface. I am talking about points of good design.

I was concerned when I looked at it the first time. But after reading everyone's praise i logged back in. And i think it looks fine. I was looking only at the KDF the first time. Which is a little less LCARS-y which is a good thing. I think the green doesn't work maybe (Also in the ship icon with the shield power thingy). I am not really sure. The longer I look at it, the more I appreciate it. Maybe a stronger red would look more Klingon than the brown, but I know there was strong hostility to the red.

The fed side works well. Perhaps the Klingon side doesn't feel as strong, because it the federation one with a different pallet and some sharper lines.

I still think the character creation screen is a little busy, but it functions well and isn't too big of a problem. Whatever.
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03-29-2013, 01:40 AM
Possible major character creator bug:

Sequence of events:
- I selected one of my preloaded character (worked fine, character+ ship on space background)
- I selected "New character" by clicking the button (worked: landed on character creator screen)
- I reselected my preloaded character, she loaded on the same background as new character creator. Dunno if it was on purpose or she should have loaded back on the space background as started with...
- I reselect "New character" This is were things start to break:
. It remains on my character, changed her uniform color or even her head (once she was given a 'zoidberg' head)
. All the LCARS and buttons dissapeared, only character and background visible

What I did from there:
- tabbing back to desktop and coming back brings buttons back, those with character selection or new character.
- If i reselect new character, the issue starts over again (need tab out again)
- If I select another preloaded character, that character loads back to the space/star background
- Then I can click new character and start the process to create one (Which I have not yet tested).

The issue seems to be that wanting to go back to an existing character from the creator does not 'port' back to the space background but leave that character into creator mode, this seems to through the system off...

I hope this helps because it does throw the game into an odd behavior...

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03-29-2013, 02:11 AM
My first Character Creator impressions... (with some testing/'bugs')

- The UI:

I simply love it, the LCARS screems Star Trek, should have been a day 1 feature. The KDF one seems cool but I only see it from starter screen (more time needed)

- The creator itself:

+ First screen:
. System picks a random species/gender (tried a few iterations) Good
. I like the selection buttons, nice and clear, faction and species on the left and class on the right... Good
. Cannot spin my character on that screen, I wish I could to have a first glance. Think about a new player not knowing these species Medium

+ 'Appearance' screen:
. Please, could we remove the 'default' heads next to the character when we are on advanced screen? If I am on advanced, i do not need them and they take space that could be used to see my character better Bad
. Most options i tried seem to be previewed on the character such as hair and the like. Good
. Some I tried to select and add to my character but they did not stay after clicking them. Say, i pick a mustache, it does show as a preview while hover over it but I cannot add it if I click on it Medium
. Cannot preview stances, rather hard to know how my character will stand around if I cannot see it there. Bad
. I wish the camera would zoom on the head if I work on it and back out when I do body and uniforms like the old creator does Medium

+ 'Background' screen:
Nothing there, seem about normal to me.

So, in and out, this new Creator is great. Once these details I feel need to be corrected/modified, it will be a great upgrade from the old one....

Note (Bug?): Pressing the 'Windows' button seems to bring you one screen back. Hope it is not intended, because I can do that on the Holodeck game.

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03-29-2013, 02:40 AM
First (quick) look inside the game:

- The UI is amazing... Good
- The reticule are cool too, need to get used to it but I think it will help in the long run Good
- Could we make the pop-ups a tad smaller? Seeing the people on a viewscreen is awesome, but it makes it rather bulky... Looks awesome, just too big Medium
- Will the loading screen be modified to match the new UI or left as is? No biggy, just curious.
- Some minor graphics that "spill over" and so on. One is the "RED ALERT" notification in sector space, the wording seems off from the button.

SO far so good, keeping on exploring...


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