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Originally Posted by vnexus View Post
Whoa. Dug this from the grave didn't yea, Crytalline gives around 60 on Mark Event, 80 for Elite. I think it's like 40 & 60 otherwise. 50 on the Tholian Leader fight, never got how the %+ work on these Mark event bonuses. Other then that, the Tholian leader fight is pretty fast, still hate they broke up the planet, a fresh Tholian ground map/battle made for the Que system would have been a tons better.

Mark event isn't 24h on, and Crystalline event is terrible lately unless you have a awesome team + it takes lot of time, but I'm sure that you can perform miracles .
"Tholian Leader fight" are easy ??? yes in a ideal game they would be, but the pugs usually dont even know how to activate their suit most of the time so I dont get you idealizing !!!

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