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03-29-2013, 04:25 AM
I like the way when you talk to an NPC now the window which pops up looks like a window which you actually talk to the NPC, and not just a window showing you what the NPC your talking to looks like. The idea of having NPCs you talk to from a distance appear in a viewscreen is nicely done.

That said, the entire above point is USELESS if every NPC you talks to has the exact same default background behind them. It is just plain silly to go out of your way to change the way to make the way you talk to NPCs so it actually feels like your talking to that NPC, but only do half the work and have every single background of everyone you ever talk to in the universe the same.

I know it's a lot of work changing the backgrounds for these NPCs, you'd need to create like a series of backgrounds depending on where the people are, an academy background for anyone you talk to at Starfleet Academy or a ship interior background for whenever you talk to someone on board a ship.

But if your going to go in that direction, don't just do half the work. Either DO IT or DON'T DO IT, but don't just do half of it. Also, if your going to make that window bigger you might want to put more detail into the NPCs models. Some of them look really low quality at the larger size, and the image of the bridge viewscreen definately needs to be upscaled.

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03-29-2013, 04:49 AM
I love the new UI... makes me want to reach up and touch the screen... currently using the Voyager sub-palette, it doesnt go to red alert when in battle, but it looks so pretty... Went back to holodeck and was sad that I didnt have the shiny UI.

I do have some critiques:

- Windows and other UI elements (ship throttle, shields, power tray etc.) need borders. I can hardly tell where they stop and it makes it hard to line them up with out overlapping. And this is fueled in part by a bigger issue.

- Related to the above, and more specifially related to the UI elements that display ship status and the power trays and such. You guys need to rework the "Rearrange UI' function in the game. Ideally, when you go to rearrange the UI is shoudnt change to the green boxes, and just show the UI elements that youre rearranging. But honestly what would help is the green boxes not being larger than the UI element that they represent, and that would help.

- Im noticing that even with the UI set to the same scale as my one on holodeck, it seems bigger, but I dont know if this is just me.

- I'm having issues reading text over player ships and players on the ground. The green is not the best colour, it gets too muddy in motion. Can we have the ability to set the colours for Allies, Teammates and Enemies? Or just a couple sub-palettes like Blue-White-Red, and a colour blind option as well?

- Related to the text over players. I think it needs to be bolded to make it stand out as well.

Things I love:

The Status Windows for Ground and Space. I love being able to see my ship better, and zoom in and out so I can see things better. Its awesome.

The contact dialogs, look great. Except for bridge officers... theyre 5 feet away and theyre using the viewscreen... not the best solution.


- I'd love to see a colour palette based on the Nemesis Blue/White/Grey colour scheme.

- The Voyager palette needs a couple more colours, as there is too much yellow and not enough of the blue and golds that were on Voyager. Someone else posted about this.

Specfic to the Log In screen;

- The player ship is much too high off the screen. Move it lower and perhaps instead of in orbit of a planet, have it in a ship yard with the ship docked behind... because a person in space looks dumb.
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03-29-2013, 05:48 AM
The New HUD/UI is just appalling. It looks as if it was created by a 4th rate games company 10 years ago. It looks totally flat, reminds me of Sinclair Spectrum games when you could only have two colours. At least the present Holodeck UI gives a slight 3D look.

I know it's closer to TNG LCARS look but heck it was 25 years ago.

They haven't even improved the Icons. For example the ships power levels icons looks basically the same as each other now. I know this will be forced on us, like they always do, but is there any way that we can have the option to keep the present style of HUD/UI.

I've seen the Neverwinter beta testing videos on YouTube and can clearly see where all the money and skill has gone, but please don't make STO a 3rd rate game.
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03-29-2013, 06:19 AM
Generally it looks ok, flat 2D and colourful, will take some getting used to. Will be able to judge better when we can change palettes.

One big issue is something they have never addressed even though they said they would ages ago and that is an issue for the colour blind player. I especially dislike the green colour for enemies, for colour blind people this can be very difficult to see, important factors like this should be strikingly easy to see the difference, red and green is the most common of all colour blindness. Go for yellow and blue or black and white please, all allies are light grey, team members white and all others very bright red/navy/black/dark grey/blue/yellow. The current grey is similar in appearance to the current green for colour blind people. I can see the difference but it's not easy.

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03-29-2013, 06:33 AM
The new UI seems wonderful, even if it needs a lot more work. I was only able to play with character creation for a few minutes before the client disconnected, and I have to go to work now.

Bugs in character creation, which I'm sure the team is already aware of:

The "sliders" for things like head size, bust size, etc. don't currently slide. The only way to change these things is to click the arrow for each incremental change.

Some customization options cannot be customized. Specifically, eyebrows can't be changed on a human female. Didn't have time to check others, but at least the hair options work.
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03-29-2013, 06:34 AM
A few (literally) rough edges where some anti-aliasing is needed. Some of the changes feel like they were trying too hard to change everything, whether it needed improvement or not.

But the biggest complaint is the new shield UI in space. It's unreadable. Actually, that's a bit harsh-- but it's very, very difficult to tell at a glance what the condition of my shields are, because we've got white on white with dark red.

Ignoring the potential issues with users with color deficiency, the UI is just too hard to interpret quickly. The old shield UI was very easy to tell what shape your shields and hull were in (although difficult to tell which shield had priority). The new one... Needs work.
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# 107 LoR UI Feedback
03-29-2013, 07:14 AM
Firstly, wow... what an overhaul. I knew they were making changes, but I didn't think it would be to this extent. Obviously still a WIP, but here's my feedback so far. Only played on my Federation character so far and haven't looked into the character creation screen either.

- Contrast, the blue/red is too dark next to the black. It makes it rather hard to distinguish between the two at a glance sometimes. It doesn't need to be really bright, just a shade or two brighter so it's more noticeable. Especially so for the "Red Alert" palette. The black also needs to be given a sheen or "reflection" to distinguish it from the black of space.

- Shields, I'm finding it harder to see how full my shields are now that each side doesn't meet up with the next. Perhaps go back to the older style for this?

- BOFFS & NPC contacts "viewing screen". I LOVE this, especially the view screen, adds a lot to the immersion. However, it feels like the NPC's are too close to the screen? It looks like that TNG episode "The Last Outpost" where the Ferengi is RIGHT up against the view screen. Perhaps push them back just a wee bit? Looks a little odd as is stands. The only thing I will say that I really dislike with this is your Bridge Officers appearing on the viewing screen too... they're right next to me! No way of changing it so it's more like the ground. Just looks daft at the moment.

- Character screen, rotating ships etc.. great. Love it

- Character selection screen, having my character floating in space seems a little odd. Also, even though it states my current ship is my Vesta it shows my default shuttle (a runabout) instead. Ships also appear too high above the character some are "cropped" at the top of the screen. Also, it shows my uniform as the one currently saved to my top uniform slot instead of the one currently in use.

Still a way to go, but a great start. Definitely a step in the right direction! Will edit this post or make new ones as I find other things to comment on.


Non UI stuff, guys check out Cutting the Cord. Final cut scene shows a "discussion" between Sela and Hakeev. Doesn't have a VO yet but it adds to the story!

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03-29-2013, 07:24 AM
Now I'm not saying the new UI terrible and I'm not saying it's great...I'll reserve that judgement till the official release. However, here is my two cents, for what it's worth.

The new UI is too big and clunky. Needs a bit more streamlining. And I'm hoping at some point that we will be able to choose our color palettes (I know it was stated that we would be able to so here's hoping)...as it is now it looks like someone threw up on my screen. Pop ups and power tray are WAY too big, at least for my taste.

I haven't tried space or ground combat yet, didn't have a lot of time to check things out. I'll try those later. This is just what I've seen so far. I understand this is a work in progress, and, as I stated above, I'm reserving judgement until the official release. This is just my opinion on what I've seen so far, again, for what it's worth.
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03-29-2013, 07:40 AM
I think the new UI/HUD looks stunning an a big improvement to the feel of the game!
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03-29-2013, 07:41 AM
I suppose once the bugs are gone..... well... I suppose once they've had a chance to test....

It's cool.

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