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04-02-2013, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
I have to agree the interface ui is very simple and not as nice and functional as the current one imo. I do like the 3d ship in players ship interface window tho instead of a static image. Also the character selection screen is kinda nice to see ur ship but at the same time meh the bridge looked really nice and will be a shame to remove.

As far the interface goes on tribble right now, it looks like not even 50% done. If this is true then fair enough i will judge when its near 85% or better. But so far its not very nice and i really wouldnt like to play this game if it looked like this imo.

Gotta say tho i do like the new contact window when in space, it now has a bridge showing around the contact your talking to like your chatting via viewscreen. VERY cool. Tho the text and rewards sections need alot of moving around to make this work better as it stands is very ugly in design. I think one way i can try to help advise this is to seperate rewards info and images away from the mission description box i.e text should be in top, mission rewards underneath in a seperate with a clear line showing its seperate and then interface choicse on the bottom right or hell if u can another bottom seperator box and stick them in there. Would look far nicer imo.
I agree, this new UI looks like it is only 40-50% complete. It feels cheap and non polished. I would prefer to keep the old UI that is on live right now.

I really hope this build does not make it to holodeck
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Originally Posted by thestormsong View Post
I really hope this is a work in progress.. because as it is, it looks rather bad in my opinion
It's like being thrown back to 1995 or something. In space the small buttons such as for the
power levels and "fire all weapons" are really quite ugly, and the throttle, ship hp and shields
ui looks pixelated and cheap. The same goes for the minimap and the icons there, and probably
a lot more stuff that I haven't gotten round to yet. I will continue testing and get some more
feedback - this was just my initial impression.
lol, it does look like a throwback for sure. I hope this does not go live, because as it stands now, its very cheap looking, looks like im playing a game from the past.

It gives me a headache to play the game with this UI. I would prefer an option to switch back to the classic UI if this is what the polished live version is going to look like.
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04-02-2013, 08:50 PM
Note: On the TNG and Voyager color schemes, some of the highlights are so bright you cannot read white text. E.g. "Disable Astrometrics" (whatever) is almost unreadable.

Also, Chat no longer shows channel names, even if you check "Show Message Categories".
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The HUD for some reason looks much better this time around. I think fixing some of the sharp corners into rounded edges helped tremendously.

And I also think the entire game is running a bit more on HD-type graphics than on Holodeck. Everything seems crisper, brighter, more detailed. Is that just me?
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I would like to provide feedback on the character selection screen.

It looks low resolution. The old selection screen looked much better, much higher quality images.

I hope this is really a work in progress alpha version that is on tribble now. I have my video settings at 1920x1080, very high 8x as well using a GeForce GTX 690 Titan video card.

The character model is low resolution, the background image with the red glowing light around her and the UI in general all look low res.

Please tell us this is going to be polished up or something so I can make my decision on my continued support for this game.

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04-02-2013, 10:23 PM
Didn't get a whole lot of time to check out the UI before I managed to crash the game client, but I wasn't impressed with the overall look of it. It does have some nice abilities, like the ability to resize some of the windows, and of course the ability to select from multiple color schemes. (That would be much cooler if you could actually customize a particular color scheme.) The scale slider is nice too, don't recall if the regular UI has that.

Some of the UI elements that have transparency in the current UI (like BOFF slots on space UI) didn't seem to have it in the new UI which made them seem to take up more screen space. Not sure if that's part of the new UI style or something else going on. As I mentioned, I managed to crash the game not too long into it.

What really bugs me are the popup windows, like the sector change or DS9 docking prompt. Those are humongous, intrusive, and actually made me wonder if somehow the game was playing in 800x600 or something. I barely noticed the viewscreen addition thing and frankly don't care much about that. I would rather the popups be smaller and less intrusive then in the current UI.
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04-02-2013, 10:34 PM
Character Selector: Even more of a disappointment with the light added. Reminds me of the original STO screen. Stick with the current one with the ship's bridge.

UI Color: Said we can change colors now, don't see anywhere to do it.

New Map Icons: New icons make me want to play connect the dots. Better to keep the current version on Holodeck.

Trait Window: Sucks, so they have additional instructions, but it does not explain what traits are currently selected compared to what needs to be chosen.

Event Reputation? I feel like facepalming. I don't want to be forced to play events.

Warp Cores: As Explained in the other thread, I understand there are placeholders, but there needs to be different icons. Also be nice if the Ship Page was redone so it's more intiutional. Like you got the ship from the top view with the Warp Core in the center and the Impulse Engine below it.

Also, there are bugs with the power. If it says +5 to power, it should show it.

PvE Queues: We can once again see the number of people queued and improved that we can see how many are playing. So props here.

All in all, I am disappointed with the majority of UI changes.

Text is still hard to read (especially the clock and the buff clock).

The Replicator needs to be seperated into the different parts than have me scroll down through a bunch of foods to get to the Consumables and Commdoties.

There needs to be an area to store Pets and Tribbles.

UI was not improved, but just redressed.

Mission Page, you cannot hide missions that you don't want to see.

Accolade Page still needs a massive revamp.
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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Character Selector: Even more of a disappointment with the light added. Reminds me of the original STO screen. Stick with the current one with the ship's bridge.

UI Color: Said we can change colors now, don't see anywhere to do it.
ESC > Options > Colour Scheme.
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I dislike the following about the new NPC/Viewscreen communication window:

1) It's TOO BIG and can't be resized (the ability to resize it would be nice)

2) It ALWAYS pops up in the center of my screen; and if I move it to a location I find less annoying; it doesn't remember when I placed it (IE it always pops up in the center of my screen.

3) It uses a TNG Galaxy Class viewscreen as a backdrop (Note to Thomas the Cryptic Cat -- Last time I checked this game wasn't called "TNG Online" and not all of us are major fans of TNG as there were there were 6 Star Trek series (including TAS). I'd rather get a 'theme choice (IE make a backdrop that fits one of the 5 hero bridges from the various eras TOS - TNG - DS9 - VOY - ENT or scrap the Galaxy viewscreen motif altogether. I can choose many brides in this game and their viewscreens all look different.

I'm usually not one to complain about anything immersion breaking BUT the other thing to consider - WHY would one of my Bridge officers (sitting WITH ME on the Bridge) - be speaking via the main viewscreen to me. The old character portrait/interact setup was fine as it allowed the player to figure out how an NPC was speaking to him. I get the intent - but I think you guys have lost sight of the the old development principle of "K.I.S.S." -- "Keep It Simple, Stupid" (no offense intended, that's the name of the principle.)

4) it's too busy - and the actual text a player needs to read now look REALLY small (and hard to focus on) because the Viewscreen backdrop and the Face in it is SO HUGE.

This is one aspect of the UI where I think the NPC portrait/interact window of the 'original' UI we're had for 3 years is MUCH better.
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I'll try not to be too negative, but at the same time, get to the point:

The color schemes are beyond horrid. Every single one of them hurts my eyes. The colors clash with each other badly.

I worked in printing for many years and was certified by Canon as having superior ability to see color, so I hoe this feedback is being taken into account. The color schemes look they they were designed by someone who is at least partially color blind.


The amount of green tones in everything is WAY over the tops. Green is an extremely hard color for people to look at for a long time and it seems almost impossible find one of the color schemes that isn't on the green side.

It seems as though great effort has been made to have multiple colors everywhere in every scheme. It would be a lot more palatable to have multiple shades of one color family, much like the current scheme.

Dialogue boxes are WAY too big. They take up at least a third of the screen on my monitor at resolution 1400x900. 1/4 of the screen is the standard benchmark I would recommend.

On a positive note:

The general look of the game graphics seems improved and a lot sharper and more reflective.


When we play the game we want to be focused on seeing the GAME. As it stands right now the UI and dialogue boxes are distracting at best, painful to look at at worst. Please do not ruin this magnificent loking game by modifying the UI to be loud and clunky.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know the dev and art teams are working hard as heck and I hope this didn;t come off too harsh.

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