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# 1 Recluse questions
12-15-2013, 05:19 PM
What is the best career for a recluse?

What is the highest dps setup for the recluse?
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# 2
12-15-2013, 05:36 PM
This is a good question and not an easy one to answer. The Recluse can be a great healer and a decent DPS dealer. It all depends on your bridge officer layout. The commander tactical makes it nasty. In a tacs hands. In a eng it makes it a good healer. One thing I always do in any of my carriers is all beam arrays. Let your torp kenitic damage come from pet spam. If you are looking for spike DPS I would run Elite Scorpian Fighters. I have seen there HYT hit for around 24,000. I could go on about carrier builds but in order to answer your question you need to give some information.

What type of captain are you? Klingon or fed, or Romulan ( aligned with who )
What class is your captain that will pilot recluse?
What type of build would you like to see?
What type of game play do you play? PvP or PvE
What gear do you have access to? Fleet/ reputation.
What level Reputation are you?
Enahs Dax
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# 3
12-15-2013, 06:08 PM
I just rolled a 2nd fed tac and I am hating my squishy escort. I was in an stf and this science officer posted 20k numbers on his recluse (to my 7k on my escort).

So I was wondering if it would be good on a tac.

Typically I run tech/aux2bat builds (on just about every ship I have) except the Kar'fi.

However if I invest in a ship I want to make sure its on the best possible person, so if tac is not a good answer, I may just use something else.
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# 4
12-16-2013, 12:55 AM
I would use a jem'hadar dreadnought for my tac. I have the Recluse on my sci with 20-21k build, but I'm not sure about putting my tac in it. It is probably the most versatile ship, and is the one I prefer to go with in HSE. Still, IMO for a tac - the Jem'nought.
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# 5
12-16-2013, 03:04 AM
I have a FED Tac and use my Recluse for PVE (No Win Scen, Elite STFs, etc)... get pretty good DPS out of it (12-15k). It's a torpedo spammer that uses its energy weapons and pets to drop shields and reduce target's damage resistance. You want to point at your target, park, then drive to the next one. It's not a cheap setup, but it works great.

Don't get creative with the gear... everything's here for a reason (with the exception of the science consoles... you don't really NEED emitter array buffs... perhaps Particle Gen consoles might be better for your grav well and TBR). The beam lets you use the recluse's subsystem targeting and shoot the rom weapon set's build-in APB3, the 2-pc Adapted MACO buffs your torps, the Warp Core gives you +10 damage to everything (Synergy Amp), etc.

Fore Weaps: Rom. Hyper-Plasma Torp, Adv. Fleet Plasma Torp Mk XII [Dam]x3[CrtH], Exp Rom Plasma Beam Array
Rear Weaps: 2x Rom. Plasma Turret Mk XII [CrtH]x2, Kinetic Cutting Beam
2x Elite Mesh Weaver Hangar Pets

Deflector: Adapted MACO
Engine: Adapted MACO
Warp Core: Elite Fleet Reinforced Warp Core Mk XII [SEP][S->W][SCap][AMP][SST]
Shields: Elite Fleet Adaptive Resilient Shields Mk XII [Cap]x2[ResB][Adapt]

Eng. Consoles: Borg, Rom, Rule 62, TCC
Sci. Consoles: 3x Emitter Array Mk XII [-Th][Pla], Leech
Tac. Consoles: 2x Vulnerability Locator Mk XII [Plasma Torp]

TAC: High Yield Torp 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1, Torp Spread 3, Attack Pattern Omega 3
TAC: Tac Team 1
ENG: Emerg Power to Shields 1, Emerg Power to Shields 2, Aux2SIF2
SCI: Transfer Shield Strength 1, Tractor Beam Repulsors 1, Gravity Well 1
SCI: Hazard Emitters 1

2x Conn Officers [TAC TEAM Recharge... you need 1x Blue and 1x Purp to get your tac team down to global cooldown]
3x Purple PWOs (so your torps can fire all the time).
If you ever unlock the 6th space DOFF, might go Maintenance Officer (heal over time for Aux2SIF) but I haven't thought that one through much.


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